Barbarian forge

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For other forges, see Forge (disambiguation).

Barbarian forges are the only forges in which unfinished hastae and spears can be started or heated. No other item can be started or heated in this type of forge. Barbarian forges are accompanied by Barbarian anvils, which are used to turn an unfinished smithing item into its final form. Partial completion of the Barbarian training miniquest is required to use Barbarian forges.

Currently there are only two Barbarian forges. One is in the southernmost house of Barbarian Village, where Tassie Slipcast resides. The closest bank to this forge is in Edgeville. The other forge is located just outside of Otto's Grotto where the closest bank is in the Barbarian Assault lobby a short walk north.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Attempting to heat unfinished smithing items other than hastae and spears yields the message: <Item> can only be smithed or reheated using a normal smithing anvil or forge.
  • Although Barbarian forges share their in-game model with Fremennik Forges, Freminnik Forges function as normal forges and cannot be used to create hastae and spears.