Barbarian Outpost Agility Course/Basic

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Barbarian courses obstacles
Image Name XP Possible to fail? Image Name XP Possible to fail?
Outpost agility1.png »
28 Yes – the player will fall into the pit of spikes below the ropeswing; climb the ladder in the pit to return to the surface. Outpost agility2.png »
Log Balance
20.7 Yes
Outpost agility3.png »
Obstacle net
10.2 No Outpost agility4.png »
Balancing ledge
26 Yes – the player will fall to the ground; it is necessary to redo the obstacle net to reattempt the balancing ledge.
Outpost agility5.png »
Crumbling wall
16.2 No Outpost agility6.png »
Crumbling wall
16.2 No
Lap bonus 56.7
Total experience per lap 174