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Banker's diary is a journal that can be read in the bank of Tutorial Island during and after Beneath Cursed Tides.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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First Entry

Dear Diary, My sister believes I'm going mad on this island. I'm a thirty year old man talking to a diary, so maybe I am. She thinks this will help me though.

Second Entry

Dear Diary, I spend all day talking to people, but not really knowing them, you know? I suppose you don't you're an inanimate object. Adventurers come in and we talk, but it all feels so rote. They're not interested in talking to me, they're interested in the contents of their bank. They never take the time to make a connection.

Third Entry

Dear Diary, Another day, another few dozen adventurers. Today I decided to be proactive and make the first move. I tried to ask a couple of adventurers how they were doing and what brought them to the island, but they didn't seem especially interested in conversation. One adventurer in particular seemed especially annoyed and kept loudly complaining about having to complete tasks.

Fourth Entry

Dear Diary, Maybe I should get to know the financial advisor better. I'm worried he'll realise that after working in the same building as him for years I still don't know his name. The complaining adventurer from yesterday still traipses through the bank every few hours. It's weird, adventurers have usually moved on by now.

Fifth Entry

Dear Diary, That adventurer is still here and his mood hasn't improved. He spent an hour yelling about cooking shrimp being beneath him. I think Terrova is going to break it to him that he might not have temperament for adventuring. I hope he takes it alright.

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