Bank Placeholders and Improvements 2 beta

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This article is about the second beta for the bank improvements update. For the first beta, see Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta.
Bank Placeholders and Improvements 2 beta
Release date 17 September 2019 (Update)
Subject of testing Bank improvements

The Bank Placeholders and Improvements 2 beta is a beta version of RuneScape that was used to test changes to the bank to make using it much more convenient. It is a follow-up to the previous beta, the Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta, with additional updates and bug fixes.

The player's game save can be copied into the beta once every 60 minutes.

The beta world can be accessed by clicking here. Both members and non-members can access it, and non-members will have full membership benefits while on the beta world. Hardcore Ironmen cannot lose their last life on the beta servers, although an already-dead Hardcore Ironman would still be barred from logging in on the beta client.

The beta is based on the live game update of 9 September 2019.

Bank improvements[edit | edit source]

The bank has been improved with several new features and updates:

  • Items can now be withdrawn in 'placeholder mode', which leaves a stack of 0 items behind (which continues to consume a bank space) - this replaces 'withdraw all but 1'
  • The bank interface has a new skin with a flat tone (rather than the slight texture of other interfaces)
  • The bank interface can now be resized horizontally in addition to vertically
  • Withdrawing the last of an item from the bank leaves behind an empty slot 'item' rather than shuffling the bank around; these are deposited into first, and are all removed when the interface is closed
Bank tabs
  • Bank tabs can be toggled to be on the left side of the bank instead of the top by right-clicking the all tab
  • Bank tabs can be customised to use a skill icon (including total level), or quest point icon, clue scrolls icon, or coins icon instead of the first item in the tab
  • Bank tabs can be named (with the same names as presets), which is visible on hover and in the all-tabs view
  • Maxmimum number of bank tabs is increased to 15
Inventory area
  • The rightmost area with the inventory has been extended into a full column, which contains most of the buttons
  • Worn equipment and beast of burden will be visible at the same time as the inventory, if the interface is sufficiently tall
  • The equipment stats panel is now a pop-over interface rather than sliding down the entire bank; it also only shows stats (no longer has a player model)
  • The coin pouch now shows its exact contents in the bank interface
  • New transfer tools are available at the bottom of the right column, which allows you to change the left-click action to be withdraw-1, 5, 10, all, or X (a customisable amount)
Bottom area
  • The bank search is now much faster and will not reset when depositing items
  • The cleanup filter is replaced with a selectable filter including cleanup, members/nonmembers items, tradeable/untradeable items, worn equipment, and placeholders
  • Filters are separated into sections if appropriate: the cleanup filter is separated by where you can reclaim the items, and worn equipment is separated by slot
  • Members and nonmembers bank spaces have been combined into one count
  • Members get an additional free 49 bank spaces to bring the total to a multiple of 10 - the maximum total number of spaces is now 1320 instead of 1271
  • The presets management interface has been made more compact
  • The presets can be edited without having to save or load them by selecting them then dragging the new items in to the preset
  • Presets can be toggled to load inventory, worn equipment, and beast of burden without re-saving them or losing the untoggled items using the radio buttons (e.g. one can have a preset with inventory and equipment, toggle off the equipment and just load the inventory, then later toggle the equipment back on without having to resave it)
  • Presets can now be set to load the exact matching objects, so that it will always withdraw the same item (for the case of having multiple different items that use the same item IDs - e.g. if you have many of the same augmented item with different item levels and perks, this option will always withdraw the same one)
  • Withdrawing a preset automatically placeholders all items within the preset

A developer blog was released on 1 August 2019 describing some of the process of implementing the improvements.

Changes since previous beta[edit | edit source]

The changes since the previous beta were summarised in a forum post (archive).

  • The NXT client was updated to include inventory item icons locally
  • Withdrawing a non-equippable item while in the equipped items viewed will withdraw to backpack instead (if there is space)
  • A placeholder filter was added
  • Summoning pouches can be right-clicked in the bank's inventory area to summon the familiar
  • Empty slots now have no icon rather than a placeholder icon
  • Depositing items with variables (like augmented items) now prioritises the active tab if multiple placeholders exist for it
  • Deposit-all inventory buttons were reordered to match the live game
  • The bank background is no longer transparent
  • F1 to F10 have been added as keybinds to load presets (1 and 2 still load the first presets)
  • When the equipped items tab is selected, the left-click option in the bank switches to 'equip' instead of 'withdraw'
  • When the bank is tall enough to show both inventory and worn equipment, the highlight showing which is selected has been made more subtle
  • The bank PIN management interface now has a button to return to the bank
  • A large number of bugs were fixed