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Banebane is an achievement that requires the player to mine a banite ore using a bane pickaxe + 4 while wearing a full set (full helm, platebody, platelegs, gauntlets, boots) of bane armour +4 (requiring a total of 224 bars or 448 ore if made by yourself) and listening to the music track Bane of Summer. The achievement will only unlock when receiving the ore, and not when simply mining the rock. The shield is not needed for this achievement.

Note: The pickaxe needs to be in your inventory or on your toolbelt (not wielded) for the achievement to be completed.

If you have a better pickaxe in your toolbelt, worn or in inventory, it will take priority and therefore needs to be removed. You can then drop or bank the higher pickaxe while keeping the bane pickaxe in your inventory instead.

Tool overrides must also be deactivated for the achievement to complete.

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