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Bane ammunition is an untradeable form of ranged ammunition that can be created after Ritual of the Mahjarrat. It requires level 60 Ranged and has level 60 damage, but has an increased effectiveness of 1.4x auto-attack damage, 1.25x ability damage, and +30% hit chance boost against the correct monster (see the table below).[1]

Chargebows used to disallow the use of bane ammunition, making them not as effective against the monsters that can be affected by them, and useless against rune dragons, until an update changed that, and now they take on the effects of using bane ammunition, as long as you have those equipped.

Item used Ore created Ammunition made
Image Name Image Name Image Name Effective against
Abyssal head (stuffed).png Abyssal head
Abyssal head (stuffed)
Abyssal demon head (mounted)*
Abyssalbanite ore.png Abyssalbanite ore Abyssalbane bolt 5.png
Abyssalbane arrow 5.png
Abyssalbane bolt
Abyssalbane arrow
Abyssal demons (full list related)
Basilisk head (stuffed).png Basilisk head
Basilisk head (stuffed)
Basilisk head (mounted)*
Basiliskbanite ore.png Basiliskbanite ore Basiliskbane bolt 5.png
Basiliskbane arrow 5.png
Basiliskbane bolt
Basiliskbane arrow
Basilisks (full list)
Dragon bones.png
Baby dragon bones.png
Blue dragon scale.png
Green dragonhide.png
Blue dragonhide.png
Red dragonhide.png
Black dragonhide.png
Royal dragonhide.png
King black dragon head.png
Dragon bones
Baby dragon bones
Blue dragon scale
Green dragonhide
Blue dragonhide
Red dragonhide
Black dragonhide
Royal dragonhide
King black dragon head
Dragonbanite ore.png Dragonbanite ore Dragonbane bolt 5.png
Dragonbane arrow 5.png
Dragonbane bolt
Dragonbane arrow
Dragons (full list related)
Skull piece.png
Fibula piece.png
Ribcage piece.png
Skull piece
Fibula piece
Ribcage piece
Wallasalkibanite ore.png Wallasalkibanite ore Wallasalkibane bolt 5.png
Wallasalkibane arrow 5.png
Wallasalkibane bolt
Wallasalkibane arrow
Wallasalki (full list)

*The mounted heads can be in the player's own house, or in another player's house.

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References[edit | edit source]

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