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Davosi the Bandosian head diviner, who is also known as Kakashi by the people of Wushanko Isles, is a man that worked for Bandos during the war between Armadyl and Bandos. He aided Bandos with Divination, and he acted as the leader and teacher for the Bandosians. He also implemented Bandos' weapon, nicknamed 'The Scarecrow', to harness vast amounts of divine energy to be used as a weapon to kill Armadyl.

After the death of Bandos, Davosi retreated to the Wushanko Isles with his knowledge of divination and divine weaponry. It is around this time he takes the apt name Kakashi, and becomes directly involved with the Player Owned Port adventurers The Exile, The Tengu, and The Memory.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Davosi was a bandit who roamed the Wilderness with his group, killing anyone foolish enough to enter the lands and shared the spoils. As such, he scavenged to create his weapons.

When the gods returned following Guthix's death, Davosi began training Divination, realising that it was a new way to fight and that it made him stronger in battle. Bandos noticed Davosi's talents and honoured the group by allowing them to join his army, which he gladly accepted.

Davosi was responsible for creating the Scarecrow, a massive weapon powered by anima which Bandos would use against Armadyl as he knew Armadyl was the god most opposed to his plans. However, Armadyl managed to recruit more followers and obtained enough anima to power his weapon, the Divine Focus, and killed Bandos with it. Davosi managed to survive the explosion of his weapon and vowed revenge.

Run to the East[edit | edit source]

Following his disastrous loss to Armadyl and the death of his god, Davosi fled to the Eastern Isles to get his revenge. For reasons unknown, he began blaming the World Guardian for his misfortune.

As the Exile is coming to terms with her role and revelations about her brother, she discovers him killing creatures for sport and blood money in the Isles of Juniper. She finds out the name of his contractor is Kakashi.

At the same time, the Tengu mask Sojobo and his sky orphan teammate Shanao are making pursuit on Sojobo's nemesis, Benkei. When the final confrontation between the opponents occurred, not only did the the Tengu save Benkei's life, but his mercy secured a life-debt from the purist. Benkei revealed his efforts were all on behalf of a man called Kakashi. Additionally, in recompense for his rescue, Benkei would serve as a spy in Kakashi's ranks.

His aid proves invaluable in recovering the priceless Fenghuang feathers of the sky orphans thereby halting Kakashi's assault on the seasingers of Paradise. Even so, Kakashi caused innumerable deaths in not just the island's inhabitants, but countless sea creatures as well.

The Memory's existence has always been plagued by the one known as Kakashi, even from her origin as a colony of Guthix's strongest memories. On the run from the mysterious diviner and others who would use her, she takes up with the player in their port, seeking solace from the pull of the divination craters in the Wushanko isles where the Anima Mundi has a special relationship with life there. She takes from the seasingers a new name, Kami.

While she travels, learning about herself and the unique islands in the Wushanko chain, Kakashi learns of Kami's whereabouts. With the help of the World Guardian, their port captains, and ties to the Death lotus, a truce is joined with the diviner to protect the Memory and secure her freedom. However, his seeming diffidence at her newly sealed protection hides Kakashi's full intent.

A growing unease in Kami leads her on a mission that finds an ocean-full of dead sea creatures. Only recently, the Memory realised a kinship with these beasts, that their link to the Anima Mundi was so much like her own. She vows to protect them and to stand against whoever caused this slaughter.

Finally, the player gathers the three adventurers to discuss information gathered on Kakashi. The one whose name means "scarecrow" in the west went by another name: Davosi, head diviner of the fallen war god, Bandos. Benkei has discovered Davosi is building another Scarecrow weapon. On further investigation, the trio find "Kakashi's" not simply been killing the creatures found in the isles, but draining them for the weapon.

The adventurers also discover the Bandosian diviner is looking for something else by the name "Kami-shima." As plans go forward, Benkei is found dead. His latest hidden note reveals the Exile's brother's army formed to serve Kakashi. Kami-shima is found to be the source of all sea creatures, protected by the world and yet perfect for the diviner's plan. For reasons unknown, he attempted to use the weapon on the portmaster, the World Guardian.

In the end when the three gather together to deal with a rogue bloodrager brother, a vengeful Bandosian weapon-master and a divinely powered super weapon, the world guardian is taken out of the equation by a sleeping draft, courtesy of Sojobo. Davosi is defeated and the new Scarecrow destroyed in a massive battle led by the Tengu, the Memory, and the Exile, with the support of the seasingers, the sea creatures and the island itself. Davosi's death occurred at the claws of shi-guardian lions spawned from Kami-shima's anima, creatures only known of from Gu legend.

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'Kakashi' (案山子) means 'scarecrow' in Japanese.