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Bandit's brew is a drink that is only found in the Kharidian Desert Bandit Camp for the price of 650 coins, or obtained as a reward from Treasure Hunter. Players cannot brew this ale themselves using the cooking skill, but can purchase it on the Grand Exchange and trade it. It temporarily boosts the player's Thieving and Attack by one, while reducing Strength and Defence by 6-8.

Bandit's brew will not work for circumventing the minimum Thieving level requirements of certain quests such as Rocking Out, or Deadliest Catch. Many players either do not know about this item or consider it of little value, the price generally isn't worth the benefits, and there are several other methods with larger boosts that are more well known, such as the Magpie familiar and the Abyssal lurker. Players cannot store a Barrel of this brew in the Kitchen of their POH, which may be another reason for its lack of popularity.

This item is featured during the Desert Treasure quest, where players must buy one before the bandits will talk about the Diamonds of Azzanadra.

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