Bamboo (player-owned port)

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Bamboo is a resource obtained in the player-owned port minigame. It is the first resource available to the player. It can be obtained as a reward from voyages to The Arc region. Felix, the Black Marketeer, may offer Bamboo for sale at 300 gold per unit. Bamboo is used for port upgrades, ship upgrades, hiring crew from the Arc, and is sometimes consumed to repair ships after a failed mission.

Players may also buy individual units in the form of ports bamboo packs from Boni on Waiko after the miniquest Impressing the Locals. These cost 10 chimes each, but are the variant outside of the player-owned port.

Building Upgrades (total cost: 9,300)

  • Refitted bar (120)
  • Renovated bar (600)
  • Renovated lodgings (1,000)
  • Daredevil's lodgings (2,000)
  • Refitted office (150)
  • Renovated office (3,000)
  • Refitted shipwright (100)
  • Refitted workshop (2,000)
  • Refitted warehouse (80)
  • Ornate portal (250)

Ship Upgrades (total cost: 860)

  • Polished Figurehead (60)
  • Sturdy Ram (60)
  • Small Crate of Food (60)
  • Sturdy Rigging (100)
  • Large Crate of Food (100)
  • Single Cannon (100)
  • Reinforced Hull (180)
  • Sleek Hull (180)
  • Sturdy Rudder (20)

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