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This article is about the quest monster. For the game played in Player owned houses, see Elemental balance.
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The Balance Elemental is an enemy fought during While Guthix Sleeps. It was created by Guthix by fusing Aeternam with four druids and their elemental and temporal powers together to protect the Stone of Jas after Guthix ended the God Wars in the Third Age. It could be linked to the Chaos Elemental, according to Reldo in an edition of Postbag from the Hedge. It speaks about the player as if they have already met, and the player has already died.

The Balance Elemental is capable of using all three styles of attack, switching styles periodically. To counter this, Protection prayers are capable of blocking all damage dealt by the elemental.

The Balance Elemental can be fought as a class C boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame, if the player has completed While Guthix Sleeps.

History[edit | edit source]

The colourful lights on the Stone create the Balance Elemental.

The Balance Elemental was created by Guthix from a combination of the first World Guardian, Aeternam, and four powerful elemental druids, Ria, Thera, Rief, and Atrew, at the Standing Stones[1], some time prior to the Stone of Jas taking up its residence in the Ancient Guthix Temple. Guthix tasked the elemental with guarding the stone until they were near to death, at which time they would be returned to their home plane with his gratitude and blessing.

During the fight against it, the elemental claims to have known the player well, describing their funeral as a "lovely" event, and that they would know more than anyone that the good die young. On death, it recites the speech Guthix gave when it was created, and disappears, having served its purpose.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Balance Elemental lives in the temple where the Stone of Jas is found. Lucien appears immediately after defeating it and finally, at the end of the quest, Tormented Demons are fought. According to its duel card, the Balance Elemental exists in multiple dimensions at once, a state known as straddling.

The Balance Elemental uses all attack styles, and changes appearance for each: A giant stone fist signifies that it is attacking with melee, a flaming bow ranged, and spikes of water protruding from its head mean magic attacks. It also uses a stat draining attack which is a rock-like missile.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Balance Elemental appears.

The Balance Elemental will appear from the Stone of Jas once a player touches it. It begins the fight using Ranged, but will readily switch to other attack types. Like players, there is a small delay when it switches combat styles, and it usually uses that same attack for 3-4 hits in a row. If you die during the battle, your gravestone will appear next to Movario and Darve in the Tears of Guthix cavern.

It is advisable to fight it using Ranged or Magic (be careful however, the stat drain will affect your spell casting) and get it stuck on some of the rubble around the room so that it cannot use its melee attack. The Stone of Jas itself can be used as a safespot, and a familiar can be used to block as well. If the Elemental's melee attack is disabled in this way, switching prayer is a lot easier, with the bow and the blue spikes being clear indications of which prayer to use. Food must then only be eaten to replenish the health lost through the stat draining attacks.

As of 1 February 2013, the Balance Elemental is quite easy to defeat by a high-level player, and only hits around 200 damage or so.

One tactic is to immediately run to the other side of the Stone of Jas as soon as the Elemental appears and then completely out of its target range. This will allow time to plan a strategy as the player will no longer be targeted and the elemental will simply stand in place allowing for positioning before the first strike.

Players should wear hybrid armour, such as Dragon Rider armour, with at least 200 dragon bolts (e) or better and a dragonfire shield. For equipment carry one prayer potion, one super restore, one super attack, Saradomin brew and super strength. Use a one-click teleport for quick escape. Have a demon slayer crossbow or better ready to go and fill the rest of the spaces with sharks.

For the melee weapon, use a dragon 2h sword or better.

Before touching the stone, drink a dose of each super potion. Summon the Elemental and turn on Protect from Magic (keep it on).

Jump to crossbow when he switches to melee, but beware as he still has his rock-throwing ability. Have your Prayer always on, as a well landed melee attack will always hit between 3000-5000. If this is the case don't panic, eating food will give the Elemental time for another melee hit that will most likely kill you, so turn your Magic or Ranged prayer on, hide from the Elemental to be out of its melee range, and eat.

Fast Ranged method

If a player has a Ranged level of at least 70 (players with lower stats may find it a bit longer, but all the easier) players should bring around 150 ruby bolts (e) (more if the player has lower stats) and 100 diamond bolts (e), along with a super ranging potion and super restore potions. Saradomin brews may be quite effective, but do not use them during the battle against the tormented demons since they will reduce your boosted stats from the Stone of Jas. Sharks will do enough, however. A demon slayer crossbow should suffice.

Immediately after the cutscene of the elemental appearing, do not click "Click here to continue", simply run to the other side of the stone. The elemental will not target you, and wander aimlessly. Drink your Saradomin brew, restore potion and ranging potion (in that order to maximise boost), equip ruby bolts(e) and attack the Balance Elemental. Killing the Elemental this way used to be easy , but since the EoC it has a damage cap of 4500, a bit less than 10% of its health. It can be still done , but will likely take more than 5 minutes and without prayer the Elemental will crush you in a similar way than TzTok-Jad and now its Defence is sightly higher so shots are somewhat likely to miss without at least 80 Ranged.

Melee Prayer-switching method

This method has been tested within the Dominion Tower. It cannot be done in the quest as the Elemental will detect your current prayer after 2 attacks and change its battle style

A player who has the required Prayer level to use all protection prayers or Deflect curses, and is skilled at switching prayers, can defeat the Balance Elemental without taking any damage.

  • Start off by running towards the Balance Elemental, protecting against Ranged attacks.
  • The fourth attack in every group of four is a magic-based attack. The player switches to protecting from Magic-based attacks, then switches back to protecting against ranged attacks for 3 attacks.

If done correctly, the Elemental should be still using his bow. Repeat until the Elemental is defeated.

The Balance Elemental's death animation.

See While Guthix Sleeps for more extensive details on how the elemental fights and how to fight it.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • ninja 22 February 2016 (Update):
    • The Balance Elemental from While Guthix Sleeps now has 20,000 lifepoints (up from 15,000) and a maximum hit of 1209 (up from 1051).
  • patch 24 October 2012 (Update):
    • Deathtouched Darts now work the Balance Elemental.
  • patch 8 July 2009 (Update):
    • Updated code dealing with players who die at the hands of the Balance Elemental.
  • patch 16 December 2008 (Update):
    • The Balance Elemental will now vary his attack styles with your prayers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the Balance Elemental.
  • The Balance Elemental's body parts are composed of the four basic elements, it has a head and body of splashing water, two arms of fire, two arms and two feet of earth and legs of air, thus, the monster's examine text.
  • Reldo mentioned in a postbag from the hedge that the Balance Elemental is connected to the Chaos Elemental.
  • The RuneScape duel cards mention it can exist in more than one dimension at a time.
  • The Raptor will comment that he is impressed by you defeating the Balance Elemental.
  • The Balance Elemental is one of the few monsters in the game since the Evolution of Combat that has attacks that can be completely blocked with Protection prayers. Another monster like this is TzTok-Jad.
  • Killing the Balance Elemental does not count towards the Rampage combat challenges.
  • Juna knew the Balance Elemental was in the temple, and calls you an enemy of Guthix if you tell her that you defeated it.
  • The Balance Elemental talks to the player in the past tense, as if it knew the player, using phrases like "used to" and "what you always told me," and also speaks that the player died a "glorious" death. It speaks of having attended the player's funeral, which to it was "like yesterday", and laments that "the good die young". There are multiple possibilities for exactly what this means:
    • Since the Balance Elemental states that it had attended the player's funeral, and the Balance Elemental is partly formed with time, it is possible that the Balance Elemental has the ability to travel through time. The Balance Elemental states that the good die young, which appears to imply that the player would be predicted to die at a young age. The player is not, however, expected to experience a proper death throughout the course of RuneScape gameplay.
    • It may also simply refer to any time when the player has died in-game and respawned with a gravestone appearing at the place of death. Presumably there may have been a funeral held for the player at the location of the player's death to which the Balance Elemental refers. If so, the Balance Elemental would not be the only NPC to mention the player's death and respawn in-game; others include Sliske (in Fate of the Gods, if the player dies on Freneskae) and Jessika (in Nomad's Elegy, if Korasi was saved in The Void Stares Back, and Jessika returns after her death to meet the player in Limbo).
    • The echo of the Balance Elemental discovered during the restoration of the Memorial to Guthix reveals that Aeternam, the first World Guardian, was one of the individuals used in the ritual to form the Balance Elemental. This memory also indicates that Aeternam's power of immortality has allowed her to survive long enough to actually meet the player and witness their true death and subsequent funeral, although it is unclear as to how this has occurred after the creation of the Balance Elemental. A possible explanation is that she is "outside of time". She is the part of the Balance Elemental that allows it to enter another plane of existence (for the purpose of remaining ageless until it is removed from service), which would mean that her life has occurred in a nonlinear path weaving through the timeline of this universe, even far after Guthix's death, but still ultimately terminates in the ritual and then later, subsequent destruction of the Balance Elemental, after which she finally gets to die after returning to her home plane. At some point before then from her perspective, she meets and then eventually outlives the player due to her immortality, even though technically the player and Aeternam would both have the power of the World Guardian during this time.
  • The Balance Elemental is confirmed not to be a true Guardian of Guthix,[2] as it was created by Guthix rather than chosen amongst Guthix's followers. However, it serves a similar function as a guardian of the Stone of Jas.

References[edit | edit source]

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