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Bakriminel bolt tips are used in making Bakriminel bolts. The only way of obtaining the bolt tips is by buying them from Mami Rimba, located in north-west Edgeville. She sells the tips for 200 coins each. Packs of 50 bolt tips are also sold.

The bolts are made by attaching the bolt tips to Bakriminel bolt shafts, which themselves are fletched from Bloodwood logs. Attaching the tips to the shafts gives 13 Fletching experience per bolt. All fletching actions must be done at the Bloodwood tree from which the logs were chopped; as their examine text states, Mami Rimba's enchantments sustains the logs' reliance on magic from the tree, preventing them from crumbling to dust.

In order to create the bolts, the player needs to have a Fletching level of 93 and Woodcutting level of 85. Both may be boosted. If the player dies in the Wilderness with the bolt tips, they are converted to 3 coins each.

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