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Baby Tooth was the leader of the Death Lotus assassins until he was assassinated by Ling. He had a son, Wu, who was also killed by her.

History[edit | edit source]

The Death Lotus received a job to kill the powerful seasinger Quin. Baby Tooth chose Ling, then sixteen, to carry out the assassination. Her attempt was thwarted by Quin's occultist and she escaped.[1] When she returned to the Death Lotus, Baby Tooth was furious. He told Ling that she had brought shame on the order. He expelled her and Baby Tooth's son, Wu, cut off one of her hands as punishment. He was about to cut off the other one, but she escaped and threw herself into the sea.[2]

Some time later, when Ling killed Tombi, the khan of Thalassia, one of his bodyguards and Death Lotus assassin, Bak, witnessed the event.[3] He sent a letter to the Death Lotus informing that Ling was alive.[4] Wu was then sent to capture Ling and bring her home. Ling learnt of this and went to The Island that Reflects the Moon, where he was located, and she decapitated him.[5][6]

Kirau, Ling's informer, reported that Baby Tooth was staying at the training camps in Tokoko.[7] Ling headed there to kill him and stop the Death Lotus from chasing after her. She entered Baby Tooth's room and triggered a trap which caused an explosion that threw her clear of the building, leaving her unconscious. The portmaster's crew held off the assassins and carried her to the ship.[8] Later, she visited Kirau, whom she suspected of having betrayed her. He confessed: Quin had threatened Kirau with killing his family and friends if he did not set up a trap for Ling.[9] Ling killed Kirau and headed to The Pearl Fortress to attack the Death Lotus' headquarters.[10][11]

Ling assaulted the headquarters and killed Baby Tooth. After this, the Death Lotus left her alone.[12]

Succession[edit | edit source]

Predecessor Title Successor
Unknown Leader of the Death Lotus Unknown

References[edit | edit source]

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    • The Assassin: No. The game has been won. The Death Lotus will acknowledge this, and return to the other games in play. It's how they have always worked.