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Azris the Green was the Master of the Green Order of the first Wizards' Tower. She had an apprentice by the name of Sland. She dedicated her life to the discovery of teleportation magic, an undiscovered discipline at the time.[1][2]

When Kelavan the Red, an apprentice of the Red Order, discovered the spell, he presented it to her on the urging of his friend Mei the Grey.[3] She dismissed the idea as a dead end,[4] then presented the work as her own,[5] stealing Kelavan's idea out of jealousy.[1] She worked with Zanmaron the Red to finish the spell,[6] who then presented it to the other wizards, telling them to follow the spell precisely. However, when Unaia the Blue learned of Kelavan's influence on the spell and the inclusion of demonic magic, she refused to take part, walking away and causing the spell to backfire and start a fire.[7][8] Azris, along with all bar Kelavan and Perien, was killed in the subsequent explosion, and her soul fragmented.[9] She, along with the rest of the wizards involved in the experiment, used their fragmented souls to take Wizard Ellaron, a wizard who sought to destroy the Tower much to their combined disgust, into the Abyss.[10][11]

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