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Selecting a spell to autocast.

Autocast is an option controlled via your spellbook or action bar, if the spell has been dragged to your bar. In your spellbook, "Autocast" is the default option (left-click) for combat spells, with "Cast" as an alternate option (right-click). Non-combat spells, and combat spells such as curses and Vengeance, do not have an autocast option. All spells placed on an action bar have cast as their default action, but combat spells have an additional right-click autocast option.

Once an autocast spell has been selected, a player will continue casting this spell as their default attack as long as have sufficient runes.

When you are dual-wielding magic weapons, you can select if you want to auto-cast a spell for the mainhaind or for the off-hand when clicking auto-cast in the spellbook.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally, a staff was required to autocast a spell. When wielded, the combat style tab would present you with an autocast spellbook button to press with only the combat spells of your spellbook shown.

After an update on 2 September 2009, staves were no longer needed in order to autocast spells. Instead, magical items such as Ahrim's staff, Master wand, Void Knight mace, Zuriel's staff, Corrupt Zuriel's staff and Ancient staff received a 10% magic damage bonus.

Even after the update, Teleportation, Alchemy, Curses, Enchantment spells and Lunar Spells cannot be autocasted due to the potential for "away from keyboard" training. Also, when you boost your magic for a specific spell, you cannot autocast it. This may be a glitch.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • ninja 20 August 2018 (Update):
    • Corrected autocast spell outline positioning.
  • ninja 17 October 2016 (Update):
    • Having insufficient runes no longer unsets any autocasts that are active.
  • ninja 14 September 2015 (Update):
    • Selecting 'Auto-cast' spell in combat will now automatically select the spell for both main-hand and off-hand without a confirmation window.
  • patch 18 August 2014 (Update):
    • The autocast highlight box should now appear again with off-hand spells selected.
    • The magic tutorial in Blood Pact while on the path system no longer triggers if you have a high-level magic spell set to autocast.
  • patch 13 August 2013 (Update):
    • In Dungeoneering, auto-cast selection is now retained on death and when transitioning from one dungeon to the next.
  • patch 14 September 2011 (Update):
    • It is now possible to select autocast on the Magic interface when the player's Magic stat has been drained. Spell highlighting now also works correctly with a drained Magic stat.
  • patch 17 December 2013 (Update):
    • Players can no longer set a spell to auto-cast via the Action Bar if they are not using the correct Spell Book.
  • hotfix 17 December 2013 (Update):
    • Autocasting Magic spells now works correctly in Dungeoneering.
  • hotfix 17 May 2013 (Update):
    • Players can no longer autocast a spell too low for their Magic level if they happen to have one set.
  • update 2 September 2009 (Update):
    • Changes made to make autocasting spells easier and more intuitive.
      • Autocasting no longer requires a magic staff.
      • Autocasting is now controlled via your spellbook. To set a spell to autocast, simply select a spell, right click it and select the "Autocast" option from the spell icon in your spellbook.
      • You can still single-cast spells by selecting the "Cast" option from the spell icon in the spellbook.
      • In the standard spellbook, "Autocast" is now the default option (left-click) for combat spells, with "Cast" as the alternate option (right-click).
      • In the Ancient Magicks spellbook, "Cast" remains the default option (left-click), with "Autocast" as the alternate option (right-click).
      • As with before, there are no spells in the Lunar spellbook that can be set to autocast.
      • You can still choose whether to receive Defence XP or not when autocasting spells via the new toggle button in the bottom-left corner of your spellbook.
      • You can now also receive Defence XP for single-casting spells that deal damage, if you have this option toggled on.
      • Four buttons have been added to the bottom of the Magic Spellbook interface that allow you to filter what spell icons are visible. Click on these buttons to toggle the visibility of combat, teleport, skill-based and miscellaneous spells.
      • As staves are no longer required for autocasting, we have granted some of the more special ones the ability to cause 10% more magic damage. The following staves receive this bonus:
      • Finally, it is also now possible to autocast these spells: