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Char, the last Auspah.

The Auspah were an ancient race originally from the realm of Muspell and brought to Gielinor.[1] They are first mentioned in the Twice Burnt lore. They were presumably an active community in the Second Age, but their villages were invaded and all but obliterated by the Fremennik tribes, who believed that they had powerful artefacts. The Auspah had control over fire, and thus the Fremennik found them useful for cooking rock crabs. The barbarians enslaved them for this purpose. Char was an Auspah living in the Second Age who believed she was the last of her race. After the annihilation of most of the Auspah, she joined Zaros (being born as a Zarosian, she always had followed him). She was later enslaved by the Fremennik while on a mission with Zamorak, Thammaron and others, where she broke free and destroyed the Fremennik village by turning into the form seen in the latter stages of The Firemaker's Curse.

In The Book of Char, there are 2 references to Auspah being a location, with another identifying them as a race. In Twice Burnt, Auspah is said to be a race as well. This suggests the Auspah lived in a village named after themselves or perhaps they became known as Auspah due to the place they inhabited.

References[edit | edit source]

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