Aurel's Supplies

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Aurel's Supplies is a general store located in the north-east of Burgh de Rott. It is run by Aurel. It requires completion of In Aid of the Myreque to access and use. During the quest, Gadderanks is confronted here. The player can purchase the Gadderhammer by talking to Aurel.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Bronze hatchet.png: Aurel's Supplies sells 10 of Bronze hatchet for 840 and buys them for 25Bronze hatchet10840Coins 250.png25Coins 25.png1,419Coins 1000.png5,790Coins 1000.png
Tinderbox.png: Aurel's Supplies sells 10 of Tinderbox for 1 and buys them for 1Tinderbox101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png478Coins 250.png4,770Coins 1000.png
Thin snail.png: Aurel's Supplies sells 10 of Thin snail for 60 and buys them for 18Thin snail1060Coins 25.png18Coins 5.png1,074Coins 1000.png10,140Coins 10000.png
Raw mackerel.png: Aurel's Supplies sells 10 of Raw mackerel for 26 and buys them for 7Raw mackerel1026Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png469Coins 250.png4,430Coins 1000.png
Spade.png: Aurel's Supplies sells 10 of Spade for 3 and buys them for 1Spade103Coins 3.png1Coins 1.png620Coins 250.png6,170Coins 1000.png