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Augrum was an old priest and guardian of The Nexus, who trained Ysondria to fight the Grotesque and cleanse the Lumbridge Swamp.

After hearing about the existence of wall beasts, he came to the Lumbridge Swamp to study the area. He eventually concluded that the Grotesque could not grow any bigger and was safe, so he sent his apprentice, Ysondria, to guard the area. After spending time there, Ysondria realised that the Grotesque was indeed a threat and, after explaining this to Augrum, he went off to visit druids in search of help. After a long time, he and the druids returned to the swamp, bringing the four pillars with them, which they then set up. Unfortunately, Ysondria says that he became ill on his journey and this, combined with the unknown price he paid for the druids' help, killed him.