Augmented Tavia's fishing rod

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For this item's standard variant, see Tavia's fishing rod.
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The Augmented Tavia's fishing rod is a tier 80 main hand tool, created by using an augmentor on Tavia's fishing rod. Tool gizmos charged with perks may be attached, boosting its fishing abilities. It provides the same experience upon disassembly as the fishing rod-o-matic, but, unlike the rod-o-matic, an Augmented Tavia's fishing rod can only be used at fishing spots that would normally require a fishing rod, fly fishing rod, or heavy rod. It increases the success rate when fishing by 10% when wielded.[1]

The Augmented Tavia's fishing rod uses charges stored in the universal charge pack. When the charge pack runs out of charges, the item loses stats and gizmo effects, and can also no longer gain any equipment experience. Function will resume when the pack is recharged with divine charges.

Additionally, the rod has a chance of granting all three deep sea fishing boosts for 10 minutes to the player using it and for 2 minutes to the surrounding players.

The three deep sea fishing boosts are:

  • 5% additional Fishing experience
  • 10% chance to gain an additional catch
  • 10% fishing rate boost

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Perks[edit | edit source]

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

The augmented Tavia's fishing rod can be levelled up by using it. The equipment experience required for each level and the effect of disassembly is as follows:

Table of experience and effect
Invention experience (tier 70) Item effects
Disassembly Siphon GP/XP
1 0 0 N/A N/A
2 1,160 7,650 Disassembling this item has a 50% chance to return installed gizmos.
3 2,607 22,950 Disassembling this item gives double materials.
4 5,176 45,900 7,650 20.08 Disassembling this item never gives junk.
5 8,286 91,800 22,950 6.69 This item drains 10% less charge when used.
6 11,760 122,400 45,900 3.35 Disassembling this item gives triple materials.
7 15,835 168,300 91,800 1.67 Disassembling this item gives an extra random uncommon material.
8 21,152 229,500 122,400 1.25 Disassembling this item returns all installed gizmos.
9 28,761 321,300 168,300 0.91 Disassembling this item gives quadruple materials.
10 40,120 459,000 229,500 0.67 Disassembling this item gives the maximum extra Invention XP.
11 57,095 321,300 0.48 N/A
12 81,960 459,000 0.33 Siphoning this item gives the maximum extra Invention XP.
13 117,397 0.17 Siphoning this item has a 50% chance to not consume the siphon.
14 166,496 This item drains 12.5% less charge when used.
15 232,755 This item can now be used with an Equipment separator.
16 320,080 0.00 Siphoning this item no longer consumes the siphon.
17 432,785 Using the Equipment separator on this item has a 25% chance to not consume the separator.
18 575,592 This item drains 15% less charge when used.
19 753,631 Using the Equipment separator on this item has a 50% chance to not consume the separator.
20 972,440 Helpful perks will activate 10% (multiplicative) more frequently. See Perk benefits for a list of perks that are known to be affected.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ryan's Twitter account. 25 March 2018. (Archived from the original on 30 May 2020.) Mod Ryan: "Tavia's rod give +10% catch rate by default. It then has the deep sea fishing boost proc as an extra."