Augmented Seren godbow (Third Age)

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The Third Age-dyed augmented Seren godbow is a Seren godbow that has been augmented and dyed - it is otherwise the same as the undyed variant. The dyeing process is irreversible. It can be made by using an augmentor on a Seren godbow (Third Age), or by using Third Age dye on an augmented Seren godbow.

Augmented dyed equipment do not feature the cogs associated with most augmented items (they look identical to non-augmented versions). Disassembling augmented dyed items does not return the dye. Dying in unsafe player-versus-player (PvP) combat with this item drops a broken Seren godbow - the dye, augmentor, and gizmos are lost.

Weapon gizmos charged with perks can be used to enhance the item's abilities. As a two-handed slot item, the Augmented Seren godbow (Third Age) can hold 2 gizmo's, allowing up to 4 perks (2 perks each).

Using this item in combat can gain experience to increase its level. Levelling the weapon will have no effect on its ability in combat, but it will improve the experience and materials gained for disassembling it.

This item uses charges stored in the universal charge pack. When the charge pack runs out of charges, the item loses stats and gizmo effects, and can also no longer gain any equipment experience. Full functionality will resume when the pack is recharged with divine charges.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Special attack[edit source]

The Seren godbow's special attack, Crystal Rain.
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The Seren godbow has a special attack called Crystal Rain which costs 30% adrenaline. Five arrows are launched into the air with the first arrow always landing and dealing damage one tick before the remaining arrows. If the attack is successful, there is a 30 second cooldown before it may be used again. If the attack misses, then the remaining four arrows will also miss, but no cooldown penalty is incurred, allowing the player to use the special attack again.

The first arrow always has an opportunity to land; the others may not have this opportunity as they need to land on a game square occupied by the target. The damage range of each arrow is shown in the following table.

Arrow Ability Damage Range
1 80%-200%
2 80%-240%
3 80%-213%
4 80%-186%
5 80%-160%

In most cases, only these 5 arrows are considered. However, there are circumstances where it is possible to land arrows after arrow 5, where the damage range changes up to arrow 8. Any arrows after arrow 8 are identical in damage range to arrow 8.

All 5 arrows of Crystal Rain (special attack of Seren godbow) hitting Araxxi.

Using the special attack against an NPC which takes up a lot of game squares will increase the likelihood that multiple arrows will hit, potentially dealing extremely high damage. The determination of the number of hits a monster receives is described as follows. First, if the special attack hits, the first arrow will always hit. Then, the remaining four arrows will be determined. The centre of an NPC is chosen and the radius is calculated as the floor of half of the NPC size. A square within the radius from the centre of the NPC is chosen as the centre of the special attack. A 5x5 area centred at that square is where the remaining four arrows will be chosen. A random square is chosen from this area, and then random squares chosen, without duplicates, until there are four arrows, or when it fails to find a non-duplicate ten times. The number of squares chosen that also lie on the NPC squares are the number of arrows that hit. Targets that block the player from running through the game squares occupied by the target (such as Araxxi or Astellarn) always have the centre of the monster as the centre of the special attack. To add, there are targets such as Telos, the Warden on phase 5 and The Sanctum Guardian that are not classified as an NPC that blocks the player; instead, it is the environment (for these NPCs) that prevents the player from accessing the game squares occupied by the NPCs.

If multiple targets overlap on a given tile and an arrow (or arrows if multiple sources are used) from the special attack lands on that tile, only one target will be affected. The affected target may or may not be the primary target. The priority system for determining the affected target is unknown.

Interaction with multiple sources[edit source]

A demonstration of arrows 2 through 9 landing on a training dummy set to maximum hit mode. This was done by having each player cast Crystal Rain with the same setup of 1110 ability damage (using mechanised chinchompas) with no boosts, no perks, etc. on the same game tick. The remaining life points of the dummy is 86,680. This matches the expected damage by adding up the damage from arrows 2 through 9: 2664 + 2368 + 2072 + 1776 + 1480 + 1184 + 888 + 888 = 13,320. The damage from arrows 8 and 9, both 888, are not visible as there are a maximum of 6 hitsplats visible on a target at a time.

If a target receives multiple secondary arrows from Crystal Rain within 2 ticks of each other from multiple sources, then the arrows that land will continue with the pattern described by arrows 2 through 5. Sources in this context refers to arrows that are sourced by:

With this, the pattern continues on, up to arrow 8, where any secondary arrows that would land beyond this have the same damage range as arrow 8. Secondary arrows 6, 7, and 8 have the following pattern:

Arrow Ability Damage Range
6 80%-133%
7 80%-106%
8+ 80%-80%

Expected number of arrows to land based on target size[edit source]

The probability of a certain number of arrows (up to arrow 5) landing given the monster size is shown in the table below.

Probability of number of arrows that land based on size of NPC
NPC Size in squares
Arrows that land 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 11x11
1 84.0% 47.3% 14.4% 14.1% 4.5% 8.3% 2.6% 5.7% 1.7% 4.3% 1.3%
2 16.0% 42.0% 39.8% 32.7% 19.3% 22.2% 12.4% 16.8% 9.1% 13.5% 7.1%
3 0.0% 10.0% 34.2% 32.4% 32.4% 28.1% 25.0% 24.0% 20.3% 20.8% 17.1%
4 0.0% 0.7% 10.6% 17.0% 28.2% 23.1% 27.7% 22.7% 24.7% 21.0% 21.9%
5 0.0% 0.0% 1.0% 3.8% 15.5% 18.2% 32.3% 30.8% 44.1% 40.4% 52.6%
Expected number of arrows 1.16 1.64 2.44 2.64 3.31 3.20 3.75 3.56 4.00 3.80 4.17

Probability of number of arrows that land based on size of NPC
NPC Size in squares
Arrows that land 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5+
1 84.0% 47.3% 14.4% 1.0% 0.0%
2 16.0% 42.0% 39.8% 10.6% 0.0%
3 0.0% 10.0% 34.2% 34.2% 0.0%
4 0.0% 0.7% 10.6% 39.8% 0.0%
5 0.0% 0.0% 1.0% 14.4% 100.0%
Expected number of arrows 1.16 1.64 2.44 3.56 5.00

The expected number of arrows are the average amount of arrows that land on a target of a specific size if repeated many times.

Explanation of arrow damages[edit source]

The range of damages from arrows 2 through 5 (and 6 through 8+ as mentioned in the multiple sources section) are really based on a specific amount of damage from arrow 1: the minimum hit of arrow 1. This matters for certain boosts and ammunution effects. The damage range of each arrow can be calculated in the following way.

  • Let represent the fixed or minimum hit of arrow where can take on any positive integer.
  • Let represent the amount of damage between the minimum and maximum hit of arrow where can take on any positive integer.

The maximum amount of damage of an arrow can be calculated by adding the two above terms: . The damage that can be done will take on a random value between the minimum and maximum. This can be expressed as: where is a real number randomly chosen between [0,1].

For arrow 1, these values are and .

However for arrows 2 through 8+, they are calculated in the following way:

As shown above, arrows 2 through 8+ only depend on the minimum amount of damage from arrow 1. This matters for certain boosts the player may have as well as the effect of ammunition the player may be using.

For example, dragonbane arrows only affect the random portion of arrow 1 damage, . Therefore, only arrow 1 will be boosted. However, Jas dragonbane arrows affect both the fixed and random portion of arrow 1, therefore, all arrows will be boosted.

This also holds for damage boosting effects from enchanted bolts if Crystal Rain is cast by using the Essence of Finality ability.

This applies to other boosts as well, such as the effect of the Genocidal perk. The perk only affects the random portion and therefore only arrow 1 will be affected.

As a result, the Precise perk is very impactful on the damage increase of this special attack.

Additional ammunition slot effects[edit source]

Aside from damage, the effect of ammunition slot is almost[note 1] completely ignored for all arrows aside from arrow 1. This means that black stone arrows will only apply one stack from arrow 1, Bik arrows will only apply one stack from arrow 1, dragonbane arrows ability to break through a rune dragon's armour will only happen for arrow 1, etc.

This also applies for non-damage boosting effects from enchanted bolts through the Essence of Finality ability. For example, if the player is using onyx bakriminel bolts (e) and a proc occurs while casting the special attack, the damage boost applies to the entirety of arrow 1 and therefore the damage boost will apply to all arrows; however, the player will only receive a single heal - and it will be based on arrow 1.

Recommended bosses[edit source]

The Seren godbow is recommended for the following boss fights as its special attack can deal very high damage per use, depending on the size of the target. In general, it is recommended for bosses that occupy at least 3x3 game squares if casting this while using Ranged and for bosses that are at least 5x5 if casting this off-style with Melee or Magic (usually with the Ingenuity of the Humans).

The Seren godbow special attack does 50% more damage within Death's Swiftness.

Not recommended bosses[edit source]

The Seren godbow is not recommended for the following boss fights as its special attack does not deal high damage at all, or in the case of the Chaos Elemental, is a risky item to bring to the Wilderness.

Usage cost[edit | edit source]

Per hour
Charges21,600[uc 1]
  1. ^ Can be reduced by research, equipment level, Efficient and Enhanced Efficient perks, and the Invention cape perk.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

The augmented Seren godbow (Third Age) can be levelled up by using it. The equipment experience required for each level and the effect of disassembly is as follows:

Table of experience and effect
Extra Invention experience (tier 92) Item level effects[note 7]
Disassembly Siphon GP/XP
1 0 0 N/A N/A
2 1,160 10,620 Disassembling this item has a 50% chance to return installed gizmos.
3 2,607 31,860 Disassembling this item gives double materials.
4 5,176 63,720 10,620 2.52 Disassembling this item never gives junk.
5 8,286 127,440 31,860 0.84 This item drains 10% less charge when used.
6 11,760 169,920 63,720 0.42 Disassembling this item gives triple materials.
7 15,835 233,640 127,440 0.21 Disassembling this item gives an extra random uncommon material.
8 21,152 318,600 169,920 0.16 Disassembling this item returns all installed gizmos.
9 28,761 446,040 233,640 0.11 Disassembling this item gives quadruple materials.
10 40,120 637,200 318,600 0.08 Disassembling this item gives the maximum extra Invention XP.
11 57,095 446,040 0.06 N/A
12 81,960 637,200 0.04 Siphoning this item gives the maximum extra Invention XP.[note 8]
13 117,397 0.02 Siphoning this item has a 50% chance to not consume the siphon.
14 166,496 This item drains 12.5% less charge when used.
15 232,755 This item can now be used with an Equipment separator.
16 320,080 0.00 Siphoning this item will no longer consume the siphon.
17 432,785 Using the Equipment separator on this item has a 25% chance to not consume the separator.
18 575,592 This item drains 15% less charge when used.
19 753,631 Using the Equipment separator on this item has a 50% chance to not consume the separator.
20 972,440 Helpful perks will activate 10% more frequently.[note 9]
  1. ^ The exception for this are Deathspore arrows - for each arrow of Crystal Rain that lands a critical hit, the player will receive a stack of Feasting Spores.
  2. ^ a b c d Approximations for non-Death's Swiftness columns include:
    For the Death's Swiftness column, values are obtained by taking the non-Death's Swiftness values and multiplying by 1.5. Damage caps are ignored for this part of the approximation. See calculator at top of section for more precise values.
  3. ^ Telos is 10x10 during phase 5.
  4. ^ Vorago is blocked on phases 5, 10 and 11 and during "The End" special attack.
  5. ^ Raksha is blocked on phase 4.
  6. ^ TzKal-Zuk is blocked during the DPS checks while sitting on his throne.
  7. ^ As seen in the Check Invention interface.
  8. ^ Although siphoning an item at level 12 gives the most extra Invention XP, siphoning an item at level 9 gives the greatest Invention XP/Item XP, or Invention XP/hour.
  9. ^ The boost acts multiplicatively. See Perk benefits for a list of perks that are known to be affected.

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