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Astram Farm is a small farm found north-west of Taverley, north of The Pick and Lute pub and east of White Wolf Mountain. It is home to a few farming patches, farm animals and other facilities. It can be most quickly reached by teleporting to the Taverley lodestone and then heading north, or using teleport to house with a player-owned house in Taverley, or alternatively a Taverley tablet after Love Story. Alternatively, players can walk south of the Burthorpe lodestone.

A tree patch is found in the southern part of the farm, which will be tended to by Alain if he receives the correct payment. A potato patch is found to the north of it, which is tended to for free by Head Farmer Jones. This is the only potato patch in the game, and can be useful for low-level farming, as Jones hands out free potato seeds. Jones also owns a Farming Shop, which sells a number of low level seeds and basic farming supplies such as compost and plant pots.

On the other side of the shed north of the potato patch, a group of farmers tend a patch of flax, which can be gathered and then spun into bow strings for fletching at the spinning wheels in Burthorpe to the north. A small chicken pen is directly north of the flax, separated only by a fence. These chickens can provide an easy method of obtaining feathers for use in fletching.

A small pen of quickly-respawning cows can be found further to the north, which provide a good method of obtaining cow hide for low-level crafting training due to being next to Tanya Hyde the tanner. For higher-level players, they also provide an easy method of obtaining golden melee rocks due to their quick respawn rate and proximity to the Burthorpe lodestone. A small sheep pen can be found to the east, which can be shorn to obtain wool, which can again be spun into balls of wool in nearby Burthorpe. Finally, a well can be found just north of the sheep.

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