Assault on the Red Axe Base

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The Assault on the Red Axe Base occurs during Birthright of the Dwarves. King Veldaban had ordered Lieutenant Brae to round up any suspected spies and Red Axe operatives. The adventurer was asked to interrogate the suspected spies and pass judgement before going to the Wizards of Yanille to come up with a means of resisting the mind altering abilities of the Ogre Shaman Grunsh.

As King, Veldeban is able to take command of all of the Dwarven Black Guard and his Troll allies to deal with The Red Axe once and for all.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The battle starts with the allied army in the Barendir Caves staged to blast through a wall with a Dwarf multicannon. Nolodion hands the adventurer several Explosive gear to destroy any cannons the Red Axe might have.

The adventurer fires the cannon, destroying the wall, allowing the allied army to enter the Red Axe base Lava Flow Mine with the element of surprise. Upon entry, the army fans out from the breach and engages any Chaos dwarf lava flow miner and Chaos dwogre they encounter, but are quickly under fire from Red Axe multicannon.

The adventurer and Veldaban knock down pillars and spike the Red Axe cannons to allow the rest of the army to catch up.

Veldaban spots Colonel Grimsson and gives chase, with the adventurer pursuing behind him. The adventurer finds Grimsson, Hreidmar, Veldaban, and Grunsh. The adventurer uses the Mind Wand to counter the effects of Grunsh, restoring everyone's memories. Hreidmar and Grimsson escape once again, and the adventurer and Veldeban are left with the option of what to do with Grunsh before pursuing the Red Axe director again.

The duo reach Hreidmar's palace and are forced to kill several Red Axe directors to gain entry.

At the top of the palace, the adventurer and Veldaban first fight Grimsson, but after killing him, Hreidmar using magic to revive Grimsson and turn himself, Grimsson, and Veldeban into Chaos dwarves. During the battle, Chaos Hreidmar teleported in reinforcements of Chaos dwarves and Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers.

The adventurer managed to slay Hreidmar and Grimsson, and left with a painful choice of what to do with Veldaban.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The allied army of Trolls and Dwarves arrive and begin to dismantle The Red Axe Base.

The actions and advice of the adventurer, during and after the battle, play a large role in determining the future leadership of Kedalgrim.