Assault on Sigmund's Base

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The Assault on Sigmund's Base was the final conflict between Zanik and Sigmund during the Dorgeshuun Conflicts. Bandos was commanding Zanik with the help of his pendant. Zanik, under Bandos' control, managed to accumulate a group of goblins at the Plain of Mud, and led the attack on the extremist cult's forces.

At the battlesite, an adventurer (the player) had just managed to free the young Grubfoot from his prison. Grubfoot managed to escape, but at that very moment, the adventurer had gotten involved in Zanik's raid. This was because it was during this moment that Zanik and her crew broke in, killing the H.A.M. soldiers en route. While Sigmund tried to escape, Zanik and the adventurer bested Sigmund yet again. Sigmund attempted to flee, but Zanik cut off his hand, resulting in a failed escape attempt, ultimately resulting in the death of Sigmund. Afterwards, Bandos completely took control over Zanik, and she attempted to kill the adventurer, but they brought her back to her senses. She threw away the pendant, but it was found by the Goblin High Priest, and he became the Bandos Avatar.

This battle marked the end to the extremist H.A.M. operations against the Dorgeshuun race once and for all.