Assault on Icthlarin's Fortress

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Following the attempt by Zamorak to claim the Stone of Jas, Nomad attempted to take a piece of the Stone for himself to further his own plans. After his attempt, he teleported away to an unknown location before Zamorak could follow through on any punishment for his betrayal.

It was later learned that at some point in the Sixth Age that Nomad had managed to form an alliance with Legio Septimus of the Order of Ascension (calling themselves the True Order of Ascension), and worked together to travel to the Grim Underworld, take over Icthlarin's own fortress, and use the grounds to create a new god using the Soul obelisk, that they named Gielinor made from captured souls.

With Icthlarin expending a great deal of his own power to protect the souls of the dead, and only Death, they recruited the World Guardian to lead the effort to retake the fortress and defeat Nomad.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

Facing off against an army, everyone agreed they would need allies. Icthlarin and Death suggested visiting the various underworlds to recruit. The former betrothed of the World Guardian crossed from their own afterlife to aid the World Guardian in tracking down Hazelmere, Xenia, Zanik, and Jessika/Korasi from the various underworld locations and helping each of them overcome their own issues in their afterlife and convinced them to aid in the battle. However, the World Guardian's betrothed was killed (again) by Nomad.

Legio Septimus was captured and interrogated (using several techniques) by the World Guardian and several of the adventurers for information on the Order, the Nomad, and any other secrets to the fortress.

With a strike force, the group then proceeded to go out and gather supplies to build a battering to break down the gate to the fortress.

Assaulting the front door[edit | edit source]

The team positioned themselves around the battering ram to defend it from waves of attack by members of the Order of Ascension. After the gate is broken down, Zanik, Hazelmere, and Jessika/Korasi stay behind to defend the gate.

Inside the fortress[edit | edit source]

Once inside, the rest of the team split up: the World Guardian faced off with Nomad and helped to distract Gielinor; Xenia went to deal with any members of the Order of Ascension inside the fortress, while Death devised a means to weaken Gielinor; and Icthlarin decided to absorb souls in the fortress as a means to match power and defeat Gielinor.

In the end, many of the Order were slain, Nomad was defeated, and the World Guardian gave Icthlarin or Death the option of delivering the fatal blow to Gielinor.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the death of Gielinor, Sliske arrived and offered an invitation to the individual who delivered the final blow to Gielinor, and took away Nomad.

Icthlarin was able to reclaim his fortress, and the other adventurers stayed around to help mop up any remaining members of the True Order of Ascension.

Icthlarin and Death made one final offer to Zanik to allow her to be resurrected, but with several conditions: it would only be for several years, she would have to be the custodian of Soul Wars, and would become the guardian of the Soul obelisk. Zanik turned to her friend, the World Guardian, for advice on the matter.