Assassination of Vanstrom Klause

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The Myreque managed to setup their new base in Burgh de Rott, re-establish contact with the Sanguinesti Order of The Myreque under Safalaan in Meiyerditch, gain reinforcements from Misthalin as King Roald enacted the Mercenary protocol, and create weapons such as the Rod of ivandis and Ivandis flail to combat the Vampyres.

But, the Vampyres continued to thin the ranks of The Myreque and search for their bases.

Vanescula Drakan makes contact with The Myreque, offering a more effective means of fighting Vampyres: Blisterwood. She wants to help The Myreque defeat Lowerniel Drakan as she no longer sees him as a fit ruler.

The Adventurer sneaks into Darkmeyer with Vanescula's aid, and begins to gain reputation among the local Vampyres and Vyrelord and Vyrelady to gain access to the Arboretum where the Blisterwood Tree is housed.

Once equipped with Blisterwood Weapons, Holy water, and advice for dealing with Vampyres, the adventurer arrives at Vanstrom's House, but first needed bypass the Bloodveld Harold.

In the battle with Vanstrom, Vanstrom used many abilities and summoned Bloodveld leechers to heal himself, but in the end, due to his weakness to blister wood weapons and holy water, the adventurer killed him. But in one last act of revenge, Vanstrom set off a blinding explosion and summoned 8 Bloodveld guardians.

Fortunately, Sarius Guile arrived to protect the adventurer while Vanescula defeated the Bloodvelds.

In the end, Sarius escorted the adventurer back to The Myreque hideout. Meanwhile, in the course of events, Vanescula too the opportunity to kill her own brother Ranis Drakan, later pinning the blame of his death on The Myreque.

With the deaths of Ranis and Vanstrom, Vanescula could begin placing Vyrewatch and Vyrelords loyal to her in positions of power.