Assassination of Elspeth

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The assassination of Elspeth was a conflict in the Third Age when The Ripper, a lone ripper demon, attacked an unnamed village in an attempt to kill a powerful Saradominist recruiter, Elspeth.

Sergeant Mazakon, a crippled icyene, had been tasked with recruiting for Saradomin's armies. He used a talented singer named Elspeth to entice recruits into signing up. They visited a village led by Elder Tasgall, where they managed to recruit several villagers. During their time there, Elspeth befriended one of the villagers.

That night, The Ripper, a powerful ripper demon working for Zamorak, attacked the village, decimating the villagers and soldiers that had accompanied Sergeant Mazakon, killing Elder Tasgall in the chaos. Sergeant Mazakon engaged it in combat but was badly wounded. Elspeth began singing, causing the Ripper to cover its ears and flee.

With Elder Tasgall dead and Sergeant Mazakon badly wounded, Elspeth and the villager she had befriended took command, gathering people up in the village hall. Elspeth sang to calm the survivors down. Sergeant Mazakon grew worse, dying roughly three hours after the Ripper's assault. Hoping to placate the demon, Elspeth ordered Mazakon's corpse placed outside the village.

The Ripper returned and mutilated the corpse but did not leave. Elspeth realised that she, not Sergeant Mazakon, was the Ripper's target and offered herself to the demon. Her friend objected, ignoring her requests and attacking the demon, but was easily overcome and had their legs broken. Elspeth sang an icyenic love song from before the war as the demon attacked her, reaching a piercing note as she received a fatal wound. The Ripper was forced to bear the brunt of the note, both its claws stuck in Elspeth, killing it.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Elspeth was buried near the site of her death. Her friend, once recovered, signed up with Saradomin's armies, telling the story of Elspeth's battle against the Ripper. This story proved to be inspirational and she was canonised by the Saradominist High Command, becoming Saint Elspeth.

An abbey and sisterhood was founded in the Fifth Age on the site of her remains near Al Kharid, dedicating themselves to her music.