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Asleif Hamalsdotter is an NPC who is only found alive in cutscenes found during the Glorious Memories quest, and her spirit may be heard on a small island during the Mountain Daughter quest. She is also encountered during the Blood Runs Deep quest.

History[edit | edit source]

Asleif was the daughter of Hamal the Chieftain, the leader of the Mountain Tribe, and the fiancée to Ragnar. In life, she was a resourceful and loyal healer, who worked to help the wounds of her tribespeople. However, she also accompanied the Fremennik on a quest for the lost Prophecy Tablet, with Prince Vargas, Mawnis, Brundt and Baba Yaga of Lunar Isle. When the group encountered a Gnoeals, who turned Nial into a yeti while Vargas slowly turned over time, Aslief attempted to heal Vargas, though her lack of knowledge at the time prevented her from finding a suitable cure.

The following takes place during Mountain Daughter.

Returning to her tribe after the failed adventure, she soon disappeared in year 154 of the Fifth Age. Particularly affected were her father, who was reluctant to move despite dwindling resources, and Ragnar, who continued to wait for her return. An outerlander made contact with the tribe, and Hamal told them that he would not move without knowing what happened to her daughter. The outerlander discovered that she was killed by The Kendal, a bear-god feared by the people, although it was simply a man impersonating them. The man remarked about a woman who had entered long ago, and when he killed her, he could not bring himself to eat her corpse, which is later revealed to be Aslief.

Her spirit was attuned to the mountain, where she told the outerlander that she wanted her tribe to prosper and gave them three tasks; give her a proper burial, make peace with the Fremennik people and obtain resources for her people to stay. Once this was done, she became the Mountain Daughter of the lake.

Revisited[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Glorious Memories.

Aslief is revisited in Glorious Memories, where she helps the outerlander who buried her create a yeti curse cure for King Vargas to use, having acquired the knowledge needed to create a potion to cure him.

The following takes place during Blood Runs Deep.

During the quest Blood Runs Deep, the outerlander is killed by a falling rock and she meets them in the Fremennik spiritual realm. There she awaits the end of all things, intending to support the warriors with her herbs on the front lines.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her surname is a patronymic Norse (as the Fremennik are based on the Vikings) name. It translates as "Hamal's daughter".