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The Ashdale mine is a mine that can be found on the north-east of Ashdale. The fastest way to reach it is by teleporting to the lodestone and running east. Alternatively, players can talk to Gudrik in Port Sarim and ask to be taken to Ashdale by ship. As the lodestone method is notably shorter, it is recommended to unlock the lodestone when first arriving on Ashdale.

The mine contains two copper rocks and two tin rocks, making it ideal for players with a low mining level. The ores can be smelted into bronze bars at the furnace that is just south of the mine. Afterwards, the bars can be smithed on the anvil right next to the furnace. This can result in an efficient way to train both Mining and Smithing simultaneously. The ores and bars can be stored in the metal bank, accessed via the furnace and the anvil.

The only NPC in the area is the Quarry overseer, who can be talked to. He serves no other purposes than greeting the player.

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