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There are six ascension keystones, dropped by the slayer monsters in the Monastery of Ascension as tertiary drops. The base drop rate for Rorarii, Gladii, Capsarii and Legiones is 1/64 for any key, or 1/384 for a specific key. Scutarii have a slightly more common rate of 1/50 for any key, or 1/300 for a specific key.

Ascension Keystone Grand Exchange cost
Ascension Keystone Primus.pngAscension Keystone Primus642,967 [graph]
Ascension Keystone Secundus.pngAscension Keystone Secundus293,974 [graph]
Ascension Keystone Tertius.pngAscension Keystone Tertius220,343 [graph]
Ascension Keystone Quartus.pngAscension Keystone Quartus221,291 [graph]
Ascension Keystone Quintus.pngAscension Keystone Quintus306,920 [graph]
Ascension Keystone Sextus.pngAscension Keystone Sextus219,939 [graph]
Total price1,905,434
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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 24 July 2013 (Update):
    • Temporarily increased the drop rates slightly of the keystones in the Order of Ascension dungeon.