As Good As Renew

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As Good As Renew is an achievement that requires the player to farm and mix the ingredients for a prayer renewal potion entirely in Morytania.

  1. Fellstalk seed (level 91 Farming) requires planting and harvesting in the herb patch to the west of Port Phasmatys.
  2. Morchella mushroom spores (level 74 Farming) requires planting and harvesting in the mushroom patch to the east of Paterdomus.
  3. Finally, mix a clean fellstalk and a morchella mushroom into a vial of water.

Players must have the correct farming level to plant and harvest; otherwise, the partial achievement progress will not register.

A pork pie can be used at level 86 to achieve a +5 Farming boost, and spicy stews can be used for +5 Herblore boost.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement used to be a task prior to the release of the Achievements System on 18 April 2017.
  • The achievement name is a play to the saying 'as good as new', meaning to restore a damaged object to close to the original condition.