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For the version of the workshop before the Mining and Smithing rework, see Artisans Workshop (historical).
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Worlds Icon.png The official world for Artisans Workshop is world 70 (P2P).
The exterior of the workshop
A map of the workshop

The Artisans Workshop or Artisans' Workshop is a Smithing workshop founded by Aksel, located in the south-east corner of Falador.

The workshop is divided into two rooms. The western part of the building is a general purpose smithing area. It contains forges and furnaces. Near the middle of the room is a special port for applying a Luminite injector. Egil and his rewards shop can also be found here.

The eastern part of the building is accessed through a door requiring 40 smithing to pass. This is the 'Smithing Guild'. In this area, players can make burial equipment. A bank chest is located in the middle of the east wall.

It was first mentioned in the Behind the Scenes article of March 2011. It was released on 8 March 2011. The music Metalwork unlocks inside.

How to get there[edit | edit source]

The fastest ways to get to the workshop are to use Falador teleport, South Falador Teleport, the lodestone network, Clan vexillum to the Clan camp, Explorer's ring cabbage-port, or using the skills necklace to teleport to the Mining Guild. One can also use their modified blacksmith's helmet three times a day to teleport directly to the Artisans workshop.

Respect[edit | edit source]

Respect is a currency used in the Artisans Workshop to buy rewards from the Artisans' Workshop Reward Shop ran by Egil. It is gained at a rate of 1% per 10,000 experience gained Smithing in the workshop. Players cannot have more than 100% respect at a time.

Boosts[edit | edit source]

Wearing a Falador shield 4 provides a +5% XP and 'Respect' bonus in the Artisans Workshop.

Wearing Varrock armour can occasionally provide a chance of smelting double bars when smelting or a chance of a strike granting double progress when smithing. This effect can be copied by the Blacksmith's outfit, if you own the Varrock armour.

An Artisans' workshop respect enhancer in the inventory will double respect earned.

A hammer-tron, crystal hammer or augmented crystal hammer can be used.

Burial equipment[edit | edit source]

Main article: Burial equipment

Adamant equipment and above can have their highest +X items made into burial equipment (i.e. Rune+3 and Elder Rune+5 can be made into Rune and Elder Rune burial equipment respectively.). Burial equipment works like upgrading equipment but requires no additional bars and, once complete, destroys the item automatically. They still use the standard smithing mechanics of heat and progress. The burial process requires half of the progress required for the highest +X while providing the same XP for no extra cost in bars (e.g. Elder Rune+5 requires 1600 progress per base bar cost and gives 16,000 XP; Burial Elder Rune requires 800 progress per base bar cost and gives 16,000 XP).

Burial Sets[edit | edit source]

Players can also make burial armour sets (helm, platebody, platelegs, kiteshield, gauntlets, and boots) in one go for +5% base XP. This requires the same amount of progress for smithing the pieces individually (but is slightly faster due to not having to waste heat/ticks between items). This is the best XP/h for smithing.

LevelMetalProgress RequiredXP For Individually
Burying A Set
XP Per Burial Set
BaseSolemn Smith ISolemn Smith IISolemn Smith IIISolemn Smith IVSolemn Smith V
40Adamant bar.png Adamant3,0004,0804,2844,324.84,365.64,406.44,447.24,488
50Rune bar.png Rune4,32011,52012,09612,211.212,326.412,441.612,556.812,672
60Orikalkum bar.png Orikalkum5,04016,80017,64017,80817,97618,14418,31218,480
70Necronium bar.png Necronium6,72048,00050,40050,88051,36051,84052,32052,800
80Bane bar.png Bane7,56067,20070,56071,23271,90472,57673,24873,920
90Elder rune bar.png Elder Rune9,600192,000201,600203,520205,440207,360209,280211,200

Distractions and Diversions[edit | edit source]

Mending a pipe.

These events seem the most useful for gaining respect; however, they are uncommon events.

Ceremonial swords[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ceremonial sword
The interface of the furnace

Whenever the player finishes smithing any item in the workshop (including burial equipment), they have a chance to receive a ceremonial sword design. The chance scales with the progress required for the item to ensure faster or slower items generate designs at the same rate. Players can only own one design at a time.

The design received is random and only determines which sword pattern is to be made (I-V). The experience reward is balanced to be generous for the player's level for the time spent, and very generous for materials since no materials need to be used.

Burst pipes[edit | edit source]

  • The burst pipes can be found on the floor of the main level around the furnace that gives you ingots; the burst pipes will have steam coming out of them.
  • A minimum Smithing level of 50 is required to repair burst pipes. Boosts can be used.
  • Fixing a burst pipe gives Smithing experience equal to two times the Smithing level prior to the purchase of Repair Expert.
  • 50 more experience is received for fixing burst pipes after the Repair Expert reward is purchased, for a total of (level*2)+50 smithing experience.
  • Burst pipes are instanced; each one will be seen by only one player. If not repaired, burst pipes persist for a long time (perhaps indefinitely), but they do not persist when a player logs out.
  • Fixing pipes gives less than 0.25% respect.
  • Only a maximum of 6 burst pipes may appear at a time: 3 on the north side of the workshop and 3 on the south side.
  • There is a high chance a burst pipe may appear immediately after completing a ceremonial sword order.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A Royale cannon
Artisan's Workshop Reward Shop

Players can buy these rewards from Egil in the east of the workshop: Rewards can be bought using 'Respect', which is earned for working in the workshop. The respect goes up roughly 1% per 10k experience[1] (assuming no experience bonus is applied). Unlocking all permanent rewards is one of the requirements needed to get a trimmed completionist cape.

The max amount of respect percent a player can have is 100%; therefore, to earn more to get all rewards you must spend respect before you hit 100%.

Reward Price (Respect) New Effect Trim Req
Quick Repairs 5% Repairing burst pipes in the Workshop's ceremonial swords area will become 50% faster. Yes check.svg
Repair Expert 15% Repairing the pipes gives 50 more Experience. Yes check.svg
Golden Cannon 50% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Golden version. Increases cannonball capacity to 60. Yes check.svg
Royale Cannon 100% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Royale version. Increases cannonball capacity to 90. Requires Golden Cannon. Yes check.svg
Restocking Cannon 100% Grants your cannon the ability to reload automatically. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within 15 squares for this to work. Requires Royale Cannon. Yes check.svg
Sword Polishing Kit 1% Gives 10 sword polishing kits, which - when held in your inventory - prevent a ceremonial sword from breaking.
Solemn Smith I 20% Making complete burial armour sets gives +1% XP per bar (stacking up to +5%). Requires the previous upgrade Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith II 40% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith III 60% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith IV 80% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith V 100% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Sword Orders 100% The player has a higher chance to get a ceremonial sword design when finishing smithing an item Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordsmith I 30% Making a ceremonial sword gives +1% XP per upgrade Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith II 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith III 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith IV 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith V 30% Yes check.svg
Luminite Injector 100% each +1 base progress for all players in the workshop for 5 minutes
Blacksmith's outfit piece 50%
(300% total)
With ceremonial swords being reworked, the Blacksmith's outfit has instead been put in the rewards shop, costing 50% per piece (5 pieces) and another 50% for the Blacksmith's helmet add-on
Cosmetic override 100%
(300% total)
Cosmetic overrides for the old rework armours: Necturion Outfit (and Necturion (Masterwork) Outfit), Invictum Outfit (and Invictum (Masterwork) Outfit), and Aetherium Outfit (and Aetherium (Masterwork) Outfit)

Once the gold or royale cannon upgrades have been purchased, a regular cannon can be converted by speaking to Elof. The restocking upgrade works for all three cannon variants.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Work on Your Artisan (RuneScore.png 20) – Unlock all rewards from the Artisans' Workshop (excluding outfits).
  • We Will Bury Them (RuneScore.png 5) – Smith a full set of fully upgraded armour into burial armour in the Artisans' Workshop, donating it to the dwarves in the process.
  • Come Together (RuneScore.png 5) – Use a luminite injector in the Artisans' Workshop on world 70.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After an update, the armour smithing interface was changed. The progress meter was titled "Cooking" and had the cooking skill icon.
  • According to the skill info repairing burst pipes are for members only, though free-to-play characters can get experience and fix them, as well as obtain the rewards for fixing them.
  • The desk with moulds in the cannon repair room used to be called cannon barrel desk, even having the same examine text as the real barrel desk.
  • When working on the anvils in the track room, the spark animation is always a few seconds delayed, the same amount of time that 1 item takes to be smithed, making it look like the animation is 1 smithing delayed.
  • Two houses were taken out in order to make space for the workshop, one of which housed a scared man who claimed to have seen a "thing". He was removed and is no longer in the game.
  • The workshop received an overhaul on 22 June 2015, reworking many of its features. Among the changes are new respect rewards and easier switching of burial armour smithing.
  • The Artisan's workshop received a second graphical update during the Invasion of Falador event, and gave double experience and double respect during the event.
  • Suak changes the armour type instructed every 100 or 110 game ticks, on average every 63 seconds.
  • Mithril ingots are one of the most cost effective ingots to use, as mithril ore is very inexpensive compared to other ores.
  • A glitch exists when using the ceremonial sword interface. Normally when a player runs out of cooldown or finishes the sword perfectly, the smithing interface automatically closes. If the player has a sword polishing kit in their inventory, breaks their sword and runs out of cooldown, the kit will stop the interface from closing as normal and allow the player to "continue working" without any cooldown left.

References[edit | edit source]

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