Arrows (Stealing Creation)

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The arrows from the Stealing Creation minigame are made by using any class of sacred clay on a creation kiln. The class of the arrows is dependant on the class of the clay used to create it. The arrows can be equipped as a weapon along with a bow to attack the player during battle. Arrows are very commonly made due to the fact that they are stackable, the only other items to make in Stealing Creation that are stackable are runes and scrolls but many players have low Runecrafting and Summoning levels in comparison to Fletching, so arrows are made instead for more points. Therefore rangers without a high fletching level could almost always find enough ammo in the base.

Table of arrows
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Arrows (class 1) 5.pngClass 11 RangedRanged1 FletchingFletching
Arrows (class 2) 5.pngClass 220 RangedRanged20 FletchingFletching
Arrows (class 3) 5.pngClass 340 RangedRanged40 FletchingFletching
Arrows (class 4) 5.pngClass 460 RangedRanged60 FletchingFletching
Arrows (class 5) 5.pngClass 580 RangedRanged80 FletchingFletching

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one point, all classes of Stealing Creation arrows were able to be ordered from the Grand Exchange, however the offers were never completed as these items were impossible to obtain outside of Stealing Creation.