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The Arrav quest series is a series of quests centring on the legendary hero Arrav, who lived during the Fourth Age. The quest series deals with the legends surrounding Arrav, and also with his return as an undead. The first quest of the series, Shield of Arrav, is a free quest. The other quests are only for members, however.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Shield of Arrav[edit | edit source]

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The legendary shield of Arrav, used by the famous hero himself, has been stolen. The shield, which had been in the keeping of Varrock Museum, has been broken in two halves and these have been taken by two feuding gangs in Varrock. The player learns about this from Reldo in Varrock Palace. To get the shield halves back from the gangs, the player has to join the gangs and obtain them.

To join the Phoenix Gang, they will need to kill Jonny the beard and bring the report he drops to the leader of the Phoenix gang, Straven. The player will become a member of the gang and can then get a half of the shield from the Phoenix gang's hideout.

To join the Black Arm Gang, they will need to kill the Weaponsmaster and steal two Phoenix crossbows from the rivalling gang. These must be brought to the leader of the Black Arm gang, Katrine. The player will become a member of the gang and can then get a half of the shield from the Black Arm gang's hideout. When the player has both halves, they can complete the quest.

Defender of Varrock[edit | edit source]

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Captain Rovin, of the Varrock Guard, has received reports that zombies have been organising in the Wilderness, the dangerous lands that lie north of Varrock. The player is sent to out investigate these reports. Footsteps in the soil are discovered, and when the player follows these, a dungeon beneath the Chaos Temple is discovered. This dungeon houses a large army of Armoured zombies under the command of Zemouregal, a powerful Mahjarrat. The player spies on Zemouregal and his second-in-command, Sharathteerk, and learns that Zemouregal is planning to attack Varrock with his army of zombies. It is learnt that the zombie attack can be defeated with the magical powers of the Shield of Arrav. The player also contacts Arrav, who has turned into a zombie. His body is under almost complete control of Zemouregal. After reporting the situation to Captain Rovin, the player is sent to find Imcando dwarves. These have the knowledge necessary to repair the Shield of Arrav and unlock its true power. The player first goes to Thurgo. He tells the player that they must find the great lost dwarven hall of Camdozaal and its The Sacred Forge. Once the player finds it below Ice Mountain, they meet another Imcando dwarf, Ramarno. He says the player must use the The Sacred forge. Once they do that, the player becomes aware of the fact that an attack on Varrock is already underway. The player must then find a direct descendant of the Elders of Avarrocka. Only that descendant is able to wield the Shield of Arrav. The player returns to Varrock, where they will get the Restored shield of Arrav from Captain Rovin, which has been repaired after the previous quest. The player then needs to find the descendant of the Elders of Avarrocka. They find Dimintheis is a descendant of the founders of Varrock. Once he is given the restored shield, he is able to kill the attacking zombie army using the shield. Zemouregal flees the scene with Sharathteerk and Arrav, and the quest is completed.

The Curse of Arrav[edit | edit source]

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Ali the Wise, who lives in Nardah in the Kharidian Desert, tells the player about a tunnel in Trollweiss Mountain that is worth investigating. The player is sent to investigate it. The player needs to go through the icy tunnel in The North. When they exit the tunnel at the end, they will appear on the top plateau of Trollweiss Mountain. The player will find a cave entrance nearby. Once the player enters it, they find themselves a complex set of caved-in tunnels, called Lamistard's Tunnels. The player needs to dig their way through the tunnels, clearing all the rubble that has fallen down as they go. At the end of the tunnels, they will break into the basement of a mansion. This is the house of Zemouregal, the Mahjarrat. On the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the house, Arrav is found. His body is still under control of Zemouregal. Arrav must be fought, but before he can be killed by the player he is summoned away. However, before he leaves, he hints the player at the location of a key to Zemouregal's base in the Wilderness that was already discovered in the previous quest. The player gets the key, returns to Ali the Wise, and they discuss their plans to break into Zemouregal's base and steal Arrav's heart, which might break Zemouregal's control on Arrav's body. The player needs to talk to the Pharaoh Queen from Missing My Mummy in the Uzer Mastaba to learn how to make a canopic jar, a vessel that can contain Arrav's heart. When it is made, the player sets out to retrieve the heart. After going deeper in Zemouregal's base than was previously possible with the key from his mansion, carefully passing all the traps in the base and breaking into Zemouregal's vault, the player must use their canopic jar on Arrav's heart. Then, they must return the heart to Ali the Wise, who will take it. The quest will then be completed.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

Ali the Wise gives the player the heart of Arrav, and tells them to hide it somewhere at the Ritual site when The Ritual of Rejuvenation begins, so they can use it to break Arrav's spell when he arrives at the ritual. Once the all the Mahjarrat had surrounded at the ritual, to get prepared to be sacrificed Lucien ordered them to be silent and let him choose. Lucien chose Jhallan, the weakest Mahjarrat of them all. The Zarosian Mahjarrat disagrees with Lucien and there for starts a battle where the Zamorakian Mahjarrat Zemouregal summons Arrav to attack the player. Arrav chases the player to the pile of rocks where Arrav's heart was hidden by the player. Once Arrav had reached his heart the spell broke and he tried to take his revenge on Zemouregal, who then blames Lucien for not helping him. After the quest Arrav is still at the Ritual site, dying of living for so many years. When the player speaks to him he tells him that the Shield of Arrav is being kept by a man called Dimintheis and there is no need to worry if Zemouregal sends an attack on Varrock again. But after that, Arrav falls to the ground. The player then says: "Rest easy, Hero of Varrock" and receives 3000 prayer XP and completes the last quest in the Arrav series.

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