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Arrav Helm chathead.png
Cursed Arrav Helm chathead.png

The Arrav outfit and Cursed Arrav outfit are cosmetic overrides available from Solomon's General Store for 360 RuneCoins for members. The outfit is based on Arrav in Dimension of Disaster. If the New Varrock Arrav outfit, the Arrav's sword and Shield of Arrav overrides are unlocked, the Cursed Arrav outfit will be made available. The upgraded version consists of a modified shield and sword as well as the set itself.

The Arrav outfit consists of:

  • Arrav Helm
  • Arrav Chest
  • Arrav Legs
  • Arrav Hands
  • Arrav Boots

The Cursed Arrav outfit consists of:

  • Cursed Arrav Helm
  • Cursed Arrav Chest
  • Cursed Arrav Legs
  • Cursed Arrav Hands
  • Cursed Arrav Boots
  • Cursed Arrav 1h Sword
  • Cursed Arrav 1h Sword (off-hand)
  • Cursed Arrav Shield

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