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Arposandra is a hidden gnome city located under the Galarpos Mountains. When translated from the gnome language, it means "Rock City." It was founded late in the Fourth Age by the gnome Glouphrie after he was banished from the Tree Gnome Stronghold by King Healthorg after he covered up the death of the silver spirit tree Argento.

City info[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

Arposandra is briefly visited during The Prisoner of Glouphrie. The entrance is through an air vent masked by an illusion in the Galarpos Mountains east of Lletya. However, players are unable to visit the entire city and are only limited to "backstage" areas which consist of mostly artificial tunnels and machinery. Later, after Bolrie is rescued, the player moves a large boulder in front of the entrance to halt any forces from escaping, which makes Arposandra once again inaccessible.

Later, it was revealed that the whole city will be opened upon the release of the final gnome quest.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

The illusionary tortoises conjured by Glouphrie at the Battle of Atarisundri.

Arposandra was founded by Glouphrie the Untrusted during the Fourth Age when Healthorg banished him from the kingdom for covering up the death of Argento. Glouphrie took his loyal supporters and some terrorbirds and tortoises, who would be used to construct the city. Glouphrie decided on creating the city in the Galarpos Mountains just east on Lleyta, and from there both he and his supporters continued to refine their illusory magics.

Sometime after its founding, a gnome named Glouck appeared to have usurped Glouphrie, and forbade his name from being mentioned in the city limits. Sometime during the city's founding, the gnomes soon had a hatred of humanity and wished to rid Gielinor of them.

Bolrie, who had left the Tree Gnome Stronghold in self-exile after being tricked by Glouphrie, attempted to get revenge. He discovered the city, but was captured and kept hostage for hundreds of years.

Experimentation[edit | edit source]

Terrorbirds afflicted by Arposandra's experiments.

The gnomes of Arposandra decided to tamper with the Anima Mundi, or the "life force" as referred to by many gnomes. By modifying the Anima Mundi, they began experimenting with their terrorbirds and tortoises with a special machine. The machine had a varied production rate, as it was not uncommon for the complete batch to fail. Successful conversions resulted in self-awareness and increased intelligence, as shown with successful terrorbird operatives who were numbered and given various roles. It is unknown whether any tortoises were successfully converted.

Those that failed conversion became terribly warped, sprouting abnormal growths. Like a successful conversion, they had increased strength, but lost all intelligence and became highly aggressive. Most notably was their ability to become resilient to almost any type of damage unless they had been affected with a crystal chime, and even then, only temporary. As they were of no use, these warped failures were dumped into the cave system beneath the city to serve as guards. The city's underground was full of toxic waste caused by tampering of the Anima Mundi, which was then ejected into southern Isafdar, eventually creating the Poison Waste. The mourners of West Ardougne would claim the plague originated from the wastes, allowing them to quarantine the city.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

The gnomes of Arposandra were also able to negotiate with similarly agreeable races to their ideals, such as the dwarves of the Red Axe corporation. Disguising themselves as emissaries from the Grand Tree, they were able to strike a deal with Hreidmar. The gnomes were able to erase the memory of Grunsh, an ogre shaman who the dwarves had kidnapped. They also loaned Hreidmar a chaos conversion machine which removed the magical suppression the council of elder magi had implemented to counter Zamorak's curse. Ties were eventually dissolved following the destruction of the Red Axe during the Sixth Age.

Implementing Spies[edit | edit source]

The machine used to convert terrorbirds to intelligent ones

Maintaining an aggressive stance towards those who did not follow their beliefs, Arposandran gnomes sent seven evil creatures, disguised as cute creatures; six to the Gnome Stronghold, and one to the Tree Gnome Village. The creatures, who appeared to the gnomes as if they had came out of nowhere, coupled with their cute appearances, prompted the gnomes to take the creatures in. They were placed in areas of importance, allowing the Arposandran gnomes to spy on daily activities of their fellow gnomes, mainly those of political and military matters.

During year 169 of the Fifth Age, a human adventurer who was exploring the Gnome Stronghold met Brimstail and struck a conversation with the studious gnome. As they talked about Oaknock's machine, they soon found it sabotaged by an invisible intruder, presumably an Arposandran gnome. Despite the sabotage, the adventurer was able to repair the machine, and soon unlocked its capabilities, revealing all of the cute creatures in the Stronghold to be evil, disgusting ones which they immediately slew. With the machine fixed, Arposandra could no longer keep tabs on the Gnome Stronghold.

The cute creature in the Tree Gnome Stronghold would also be exposed and killed by the same adventurer sometime later.

Although unconfirmed, Glough may be associated with Arposandra, given that all known Arposandran gnomes start with "Glou", and share a common hatred of humans. He was eventually placed in house arrest when King Narnode Shareen discovered he had attempted to kill their spirit tree with daconia rocks. He had intended to use the gnomes of the Gnome Stronghold to wage war on humanity when their spirit tree died, using its wood to create a mighty armada to invade the human kingdoms.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

The city was nearly discovered when the same adventurer saved the spirit tree Incomitatus, who had been dying due to the poison waste being expelled not too far from it. Exploring the underground system, it was obvious that someone had constructed it, given the dungeon's layout of both natural and man-made areas. They eventually arrived at a fairly modified area in which three particularly powerful terrorbirds were guarding, but dispatched them. However, they were soon spotted by two guards who immediately activated a toxic defence system that would have killed them were it not for Hazelmere's intervention.

Golrana, Bolrie's daughter, soon decided to find where her father was and enlisted the aid of the same adventurer. Navigating the cave systems of the Galarpos Mountains, they soon arrived at Lletya, where they created a portable anti-illusion device. Upon returning to the mountain range, the pair discovered an ventilation shaft they had missed earlier due to illusion magic, opened it, and entered; however, they were separated not too long after due to the adventurer missing a vent.

The adventurer soon found Bolrie and freed him with some convincing. They soon met with Golrana, but by this time, the alarm had rung off, due to Bolrie having escaped from his cell. Fortunately, the trio were able to return to the vent they had came in from, and blocked it off with a large boulder, preventing the Arposandran gnomes from pursuing them any further. How they have reacted to the breach remains unknown, but it is likely they remain on high alert in the event of more intruders.

Recent Activities[edit | edit source]

The Arposandran gnomes have been busy of the Sixth Age.

Following the resolution of the Elven Civil War, Glouron was sent to the newly formed Prifddinas to "mend" relations with the elves, after the Iorwerth Clan had accused them of creating the "plague" (which they did, but in the wrong sense), although the Crwys Clan cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Another emissary, Glout attended Seren's meeting regarding the Elder Gods.

The ancient page[edit | edit source]

Other mention of Arposandra is on an Ancient page that can be found in the Ancient Cavern beneath Baxtorian Falls. The page is but a brief sentence in gnomish. A direct translation has yet to be made, but its mention of Arposandra is clear.

It has been partially translated as follows:

Laufata ki Glough ki Ta Quir Priw Undo eso, Tolly, gnomo kar is Glough hamo sarko pro Arposandra Qua!

The eye [ki] Glough [ki] The Guardian Tree Land for a, (Stupid, Idiot, Man, Tolly), no gnome [is] Glough [hamo] begone to Stone City (Guard, Guardian, Protector)!

As "Tolly" is capitalised, it is most likely a name.

References[edit | edit source]

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