Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society

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Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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The Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society, or A.R.M.S. for short, is a military organisation operating from their Command Centre south of the Feldip Hills. Founded around 138 of the Fifth Age by veteran Lord Marshal Brogan, A.R.M.S. provide contracts for various types of army units in return for investment in their organisation. They are mainly concerned with exploration of the Unquiet Ocean and its many islands. Currently, goblin, dwarf, and elf squadrons can be recruited, as well as various 'special' units such as cannons and gnome glider bombers.

Originally, A.R.M.S. was founded by Brogan and his fellow veterans of the tumultuous conflicts that raged across the human kingdoms in the Fifth Age. The goal was to allow the usage of their military expertise to systematically explore the seas south of the known continent by allowing people with little money to invest in the organisation. Due to the popularity of this enterprise, the expeditions soon turned into funded battles, a development which the command did not mind, being war veterans themselves. Over the years, elves, dwarves, and goblins joined the organisation, as detailed in Brogan's memoirs, and currently gnomes are attempting to establish a connection as well.

New members of A.R.M.S. are given the rank of Junior Cadet and may immediately invest and launch expeditions or battles. Successful victories allow them to attain higher ranks, being Serjeant, Commander, and War-chief. The rank of Lord Marshal is reserved for the founder and current leader, Brogan. His second-in-command is War-chief Reeves, whose office is found directly below Brogan's in the Officers' Tower.

A.R.M.S. formerly hosted the Mobilising Armies minigame, in which players participated in four possible scenarios. They could have one-on-one battles on remote islands with other battle commanders; help besiege a heavily fortified castle erected by a rogue, exiled Knight of Falador; plunder stashes of gold from a sleeping dragon's volcanic lair; and rescue a settlement of TzHaar on a sinking island. The minigame required investment in the organisation in order to hire battle squads, and in return one could advance through the ranks of A.R.M.S., eventually becoming war-chief.