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Armadylean caravans are units for Armadyl which collect divine energy in sites around Asgarnia and Misthalin during the world event The Bird and the Beast. At the sites, the caravans use Divination to siphon energy wisps, creatures created from the Anima Mundi that were created as a result of Guthix's death. The divine energy is used to power the weapon, the Divine Focus, found atop Armadyl's Tower, with which Armadyl plans to use to kill Bandos.

A pair of caravans will travel from their spawn site to a destination site, stopping twice along the way. At each stop, the diviners will try to locate divine energy stating "Seeking divine energy!" several times. After their unsuccessful attempt, the convoy will move on. Upon reaching their destination, the diviners will successfully find the divine energy and will start harvesting. A progress bar keeps track of the capacity of the respective caravans.

Once the caravans are full, the convoy despawns and returns to the base tower. However, if the caravan is attacked and killed before completely harvesting the energy, the caravan retreats to the base towers with whatever they have harvested thus far. Players may obtain sacred metal fragments as well as weapon override components, regardless of whether the caravan is successful in the harvesting or is killed in the process. Enemy caravans are not attackable during their journey to the destination site. The caravans only become attackable when they are stationary: when they are at the intermediate sites, and finally at their destination site. The caravans can only be attacked after the bodyguards have been killed.

After the Escalation vote during phase 4 of the event, Armadylean players had opted for a bigger caravan. Thus, one of the caravans was exchanged for an upgraded version with 40% extra capacity. This upgraded caravan is visible to players as the caravan with additional divine energy "jars" onboard. The standard Armadylean caravan has four divine energy jars, while the upgraded one seems to have at least seven.

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