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History[edit | edit source]

Prior to arrival on Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Armadyl was originally a mortal aviansie.[1] He was the son of a priestess and a scholar, and had been married twice. His first marriage was to Hasma'Dae with whom he adopted two children named Ra'ath and Tepras.

Like many other gods, he ascended to godhood from his mortal form. He ascended to tier 5 godhood via use of an unknown artefact. Sometime later, he discovered the Staff of Armadyl on another planet, which lead to him ascending to tier 4 godhood. His most accomplished feat was uniting all of the aviantese under one banner, although it was not bloodless and countless died before unification.

Armadyl may have had a different, much darker, philosophy before coming to Gielinor.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

Armadyl and the aviansie most likely came to Gielinor during the Second Age to look for a new life away from hostile Abbinah, a time during which many of the younger gods and their followers arrived.

Little is known of Armadyl's activities in Gielinor following his arrival. A group of humans called the Ikovians came to worship Armadyl at one point, and they later evolved into the present-day Guardians of Armadyl. Armadyl entrusted them with the protection of his staff, the Staff of Armadyl, in their Temple of Ikov.

Before this, the Aviantese guarded it. At the end of the Second Age, a Saradominist man named Valdez came across the Temple, which was, according to him, abandoned. Valdez took the Staff of Armadyl, intending to deliver it to Saradomin, but instead through a series of unfortunate events, it found its way into the hands of the Mahjarrat Zamorak. Wielding the Staff of Armadyl and tapping power from the Stone of Jas, Zamorak was able to overthrow his master, the god Zaros, and ascend to godhood. The Staff was returned to the Guardians' possession following these events, while Saradomin took the stone for himself. Zamorak left for Infernus to honour his bargain with the avernic demons, but returned and declared war on Saradomin and the others in an attempt to reclaim the Stone.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

Armadyl's Eyrie, a stronghold beneath the Temple of Lost Ancients erected by Kree and his flock.
Armadyl armour crafted by the aviantese for use during the God Wars.

While Armadyl was one of the four major participants of the Gielinorian God Wars that soon followed Zamorak's ascension, very little is known of the extent of his participation. No records have yet been discovered that cite the involvement of Armadyl or his aviantese in any of the battles of the God Wars. It is said that he often allied with Saradomin, as the two gods had similar philosophies that they could agree on.

Armadyl supposedly entered his second marriage during the Third Age, this marriage was to a mortal farmer named Obi'Sooth. Armadyl stated that Obi'Sooth reminded him of mortal life, and that he enjoyed working on the farm with him while married. Obi'Sooth was killed when Zamorak used the Stone of Jas.

At one point, Armadyl sent a quill to Juna, which she can use to write later. Lucien, the Mahjarrat, also obtained such a quill, although it is likely he took it from Armadyl's body with force.

Near the end of the God Wars, Armadyl worked together with fellow gods Saradomin and Bandos to forge the godsword, a blade created to put an end to the threat of Zamorak. A group of aviantese were tasked to deliver the godsword to Saradomin's army, but they were waylaid in the mountains to the north by Zamorakian troops. The aviantese retreated into a large temple and, with reinforcements from the armies of Saradomin and Bandos, battled the Zamorakians. However, the alliance eventually fragmented, then shattered, and the forces of the four gods turned upon one another, each seeking to claim the godsword for their own.

Shortly afterwards, Zamorak destroyed Forinthry using the Stone of Jas, killing Armadyl's second spouse. The god Guthix awoke from his slumber beneath Gielinor's surface and ended the God Wars, banishing all other gods, including Armadyl, from Gielinor as punishment for the destruction the Wars had wrought upon the world. Unlike the other participating gods, Armadyl was the only one to understand Guthix's intentions.

Fourth and Fifth Ages[edit | edit source]

The God Wars saw near virtual extinction of the aviantese race. Believing the entire race to have been destroyed, Armadyl set to wandering the cosmos, alone, grieving for his lost kin and the loss of his Staff. In his mourning, he visited many different planets, including a lifeless ball of dust, an aquatic world covered in ocean, and a molten, noxious planet. He kept a journal during his wanderings, writing descriptions of each world he came to as well as records of his own thoughts.

In one of these worlds, he encountered a race of feline creatures whose world was about to come to an end, but they were celebrating it. He offered to take them to another world, but they refused his offer.

The final world he visited was a gas giant, one that supported airborne life in its upper atmosphere. Armadyl flew with these creatures and noted how they mimicked his movements in flight, much as the aviantese had once done. This planet marked the final stop in his solitary pilgrimage, as he felt that his old strength had returned. Armadyl set off for his home, to "shelter the faithful beneath [his] wings once more."

He returned to Abbinah, the planet from which the aviantese originated. There he found that some aviantese remained, the descendants of sick aviantese who never left and deserters who returned. They had stuck to his beliefs, working together in unity rather than living in separate tribes. He believed it was his second chance in saving the aviansie race; the aviantese celebrated his return for a full year.[2] He has since then took on the aspect of the Phoenix, reborn with a new purpose.

With the death of Guthix at the hands of the Mahjarrat Sliske and the breaking of the Edicts of Guthix, Armadyl was making plans to return to Gielinor. The few surviving aviantese, such as Taw'Paak the emissary, were likewise preparing for their god's return.

Sixth Age[edit | edit source]

A gathering of gods[edit | edit source]

We are in my Empyrean Citadel! I will not allow Sliske to hijack the home of my people.
The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.

Some months after Guthix's death, Sliske took control of the Empyrean Citadel, Armadyl's seat of power during the God Wars, and used the location to host his "Grand Ascendancy". Unwilling to lose the citadel, Armadyl returned to Gielinor and attended the Ascendancy, during which Sliske would ascend to godhood. He had also learned that the aviantese stationed at the Temple of Lost Ancients had survived. He tasked Kree'arra with assembling his military forces, while the general sent Flockleader Geerin and Flight Kilisa to the citadel, but were forced to wait outside of the throne room. Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, and Brassica Prime were present during the Ascendancy as well.

While the gods were waiting in the throne room for the Ascendancy to start, Icthlarin and an adventurer arrived at the Empyrean Citadel, searching for Harold Death Esquire, who had been abducted by Sliske in order to force Icthlarin to attend the event. The adventurer started to explore the citadel while Icthlarin joined the other gods in the throne room. Zamorak and Bandos deemed him unworthy to attend the Ascendancy, though Armadyl welcomed him, stating that the arrogance displayed was shameful and that the gathering could use another "level head".

While the adventurer made their way through the citadel looking for Death, the gods started to quarrel, each expressing their ideals and plans for Gielinor. Icthlarin tried to convince the gods not to trust Sliske, but his warnings were ignored. At that point, Sliske appeared in the throne room and revealed his two prisoners, who were placed in cages next to his throne: Death and the dragonkin Strisath. Still believing Sliske would ascend to godhood, Armadyl tried to convince the other gods to end the lunacy of the Ascendancy at once. He was stopped by Sliske, who threatened to kill Death - and thus trapping the souls of all mortals in their bodies forever - and release Strisath. Unwilling to risk the lives of their followers, the gods stood down.

At that point, the adventurer had earned an invitation to the Ascendancy by solving various puzzles throughout the citadel and joined the gods in the throne room. Sliske then proceeded with his Ascendancy and revealed his true plans: he had obtained two elder artefacts, the staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas and planned to give the Stone as a reward to whoever managed to kill the most gods by the next solar eclipse. This announcement shocked the other gods and Armadyl once again pleaded to seek peace through justice. The gods started to argue once more, which caused Sliske to "kick things off himself" by releasing the enraged Dragonkin. The Mahjarrat then tossed the key of Death's cage to the adventurer and left the citadel. While the adventurer freed Death and narrowly escaped with Icthlarin, the gods, except for Brassica Prime, teleported away to escape the rage of the Dragonkin.

Battle against Bandos[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Bird and the Beast.
Armadyl looks over the recently-deceased Bandos.

Shortly after the ascension, Bandos constructed a large tower of stone, housing a weapon called the Scarecrow, with the intent of killing Armadyl, the god he saw as most opposed to his ideas. In response to this, Armadyl developed his own weapon, the Divine Focus, deploying it south of Falador. For six weeks, both factions sent caravans across the region of Misthalin and Asgarnia, gathering divine energy to fuel their respective weapons. At the end of the vicious six week battle, Armadyl came out victorious by collecting the most divine energies. The Divine Focus blasted all the energy it had towards Bandos' tower. As the god of war firmly believed that he would win against Armadyl, he only noticed the attack in total shock after it was too late. The divine energy landed a direct vertical hit, obliterating the tower from the top down and decapitating Bandos on impact, while most of his body was incinerated in the blast. All that remained was a crater and the petrified remains of Bandos' head. Armadyl landed next to it, smashing the head to pieces with Bandos' own war mace to send a warning message to remaining Bandosians before raising the weapon in a cry of victory. He then departed to an unknown location.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

On 17 December 2016, an eclipse happened. Armadyl was the first god to reappear after it, and could be found in his tower south of Falador.

The World Guardian gave Armadyl his invitation to Sliske's Endgame; Armadyl brought only a few allies with him to Sliske's Endgame, refusing to make the same mistake as last time - his emissary, along with Kree'arra and his bodyguards. Armadyl encountered several participants in the ensuing labyrinth; Saradomin, Seren, the Dragonkin, Vorago, Zamorak and the World Guardian.

Due to Jas' powers over the maze, Armadyl's divinity was stripped. Unlike most of the other participants who were concerned with the situation they were in, Armadyl made the most out of it, stating that it was good to be a mortal again as he was able to molt for the first time in thousands of years.

If Armadyl finished the first half of the maze first, he opted to eject Zamorak's entourage, since he had nearly killed his entire race. If Saradomin finished first, he ejected Armadyl's entourage, not out of personal reasons, but because he felt he was the only one who could use the Stone.

In his encounter with Saradomin, the pair encountered one of Kerapac's dragonkin who had attacked them. They were able to restrain it; Saradomin wanted the dragonkin killed, while Armadyl wanted to restrain it. They were unable to agree with what to do, and Saradomin left in frustration after seeing that Armadyl would not budge. Armadyl then encountered the World Guardian, and asked for their assistance in caging it, correctly deducing that there was something psychological problem with them, and believed he could help them.

In his encounter with Seren, Seren stated that she could not let him or the other young gods claim the Stone. Armadyl agreed with her notion, but had wished to speak with her about Tarddiad, having learned of the crystal shapeshifter affliction ravaging the planet. He offered to assist the affliction if his people could live on Tarddiad. Seren was intrigued by his offer, but was unsure what to make of it. They both agreed that they would discuss it following Sliske's game, however, as it was a more pressing concern.

In his encounter with the Dragonkin, the Dragonkin confronted and taunted him for his events in the Bird and the Beast. Armadyl claimed that he could save them, but the Dragonkin knew otherwise and stated that they would be saving him.

In his encounter with Vorago, Vorago expressed regret at not intervening in his battle against Bandos. Armadyl apologised for his actions, but Vorago dismissed them, warning him not to endanger the anima again, or he would personally intervene.

In his encounter with Zamorak, Armadyl was enraged at his presence and called him a murderer. Zamorak in turn defended his actions, as although he sensed Armadyl's morality, Saradomin had effectively handed him a death sentence, preventing negotiations. Zamorak stated that Armadyl needed to take responsibility for his actions, and that his arrogance in the belief that he and his people were untouchable had resulted in their near extinction. Armadyl was then able to realise the truth in Zamorak's words, but stated that he would not forgive him, partly because of his role in Obi'Sooth's death, and that he would not mourn if another killed Zamorak for him.

Should Armadyl lead and reach the second half of the maze, he participated in race to the Stone against the World Guardian, which he may win or lose. If he lost, he admits after the game that he has a competitive streak of sorts. He is ejected following a battle between Sliske, Zaros, Seren and the World Guardian, meeting with his entourage. They were contemplating how to make their way back down when the World Guardian returned from their meeting with Jas.

Armadyl leaves the event wondering if it would be possible for him to return to a mortal life, missing his "humanity".

Seren's Council[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Desperate Times.

Due to his meeting with Seren in Sliske's Endgame, Seren invited Armadyl to join her council, which he accepted. Armadyl was one of the few who had knowledge of the Elder Gods.

Kerapac soon arrived, prompting Armadyl to believe that he had intended to attack them. Instead, Kerapac offered another solution to stop the Elder Gods, after stating that appeasement would never work as they had tried it and failed. Armadyl agreed with Kerapac's proposition; though he knew it was morally wrong, he saw no other alternative. During his travels following the God Wars, Armadyl witnessed discarded, shattered planets that were clearly the work of the Elder Gods. Armadyl believed that the Elder Gods thought differently than them, and recalled Seren's words on how they were like ants to them.

Following Kerapac's backstabbing of the council, Armadyl agreed with the others to find and kill Kerapac, as there was no other choice.

Archaeology[edit | edit source]

Armadyl could be seen idling about in his god form on top of the Divine Focus. The World Guardian informed him of Stormguard Citadel's rediscovery; Armadyl was reluctant to visit himself, unable to muster the courage to do so. However, he requested that they bring him an aviansie dreamcoat.

Upon being handed an aviansie dreamcoat, he explained to the World Guardian that the design of the dreamcoat reminded him of Obi'Sooth, who tailored as a side hobby. The World Guardian offered him the dreamcoat, and he gave them the Ring of Solomon, hoping that it could protect them better than Obi'Sooth. The dreamcoat also gave him enough courage to visit Stormguard Citadel.

At Stormguard Citadel, Armadyl explained that its original purpose was for alchemical study and enrich the lives of his followers, but when the God Wars raged, they were quickly forced to create weapons for self-defence, as he refused to let his people be butchered by others. The World Guardian asked him if there were any other secrets being held, but Armadyl kindly refused, stating that he did not want to rob an archaeologist's joys of their discoveries.

A new home for the Aviantese[edit | edit source]

The good relationship between Seren and Armadyl eventually led Armadyl to lead a group of aviansie physicians from Abbinah to Tarddiad, supposedly as part of the alliance that Armadyl and Seren spoke of during Sliske's Endgame.

Prelude to War[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during City of Senntisten.

Because of Seren's growing influence on the council, Armadyl took a temporary reprieve back to Abbinah to spend time with his people. He eventually returned to Gielinor, unaware of the events that had occurred. Azzanadra requested that the World Guardian bring Armadyl to assist in his plan to drain the Elders' eggs of shadow anima. The World Guardian, finding Armadyl at his Divine Focus, was about to tell the plan when Armadyl immediately agreed to join, as he could tell based on their expressions that the situation was dire, making his way to Senntisten.

Not wishing to put his people into another war, Armadyl sent most of them back to their home world, despite Azzanadra's reservations that it would not be safe if they failed in their defence. Armadyl agreed, but wished to let his people meet their end in peace if it came to that, while telling Azzanadra that there was more to being a god than being a warmonger, and asked him if he was sick of the endless war. When Azzanadra stated that he followed Zaros' will, Armadyl proceeded to ask him to think for himself, something that Zamorak had previously stated earlier. Nonetheless, he told the assembled group that Kree'arra would be coming to assist, despite his insistence that the seasoned aviansie return home to his family.

When Kerapac informed the group that his army was marching towards Senntisten, Armadyl agreed with Seren and Zamorak's suggestion that Azzanadra lead the defences. In the weeks that followed, Armadyl began following similarly to Guthix, in that the gods' squabble for power brought disaster to the mortal races, and they themselves were not perfect.

References[edit | edit source]

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