Arhein's Store

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Arhein's Store is a general store. It is run by Arhein. It is located on the dock of Catherby. The player can talk to Arhein to purchase 80 seaweed and 40 pineapples in noted form for two coins each. This stock will reset 23 hours and 40 minutes after buying from him.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Bucket.png: Arhein's Store sells 30 of Bucket for 2 and buys them for 1Bucket302Coins 2.png1Coins 1.png290Coins 250.png8,640Coins 1000.png
Bronze pickaxe.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Bronze pickaxe for 1680 and buys them for 50Bronze pickaxe101,680Coins 1000.png50Coins 25.png2,209Coins 1000.png5,290Coins 1000.png
Bowl.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Bowl for 4 and buys them for 1Bowl104Coins 4.png1Coins 1.png306Coins 250.png3,020Coins 1000.png
Cake tin.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Cake tin for 10 and buys them for 3Cake tin1010Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png170Coins 100.png1,600Coins 1000.png
Tinderbox.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Tinderbox for 1 and buys them for 1Tinderbox101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png590Coins 250.png5,890Coins 1000.png
Chisel.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Chisel for 14 and buys them for 4Chisel1014Coins 5.png4Coins 4.png251Coins 250.png2,370Coins 1000.png
Hammer.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Hammer for 13 and buys them for 3Hammer1013Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png863Coins 250.png8,500Coins 1000.png
Rope.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Rope for 18 and buys them for 5Rope1018Coins 5.png5Coins 5.png435Coins 250.png4,170Coins 1000.png
Empty pot.png: Arhein's Store sells 30 of Empty pot for 1 and buys them for 1Empty pot301Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png242Coins 100.png7,230Coins 1000.png
Knife.png: Arhein's Store sells 10 of Knife for 25 and buys them for 7Knife1025Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png641Coins 250.png6,160Coins 1000.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 19 November 2013 (Update):
    • Arhein now prompts players to enter their bank pin before purchasing seaweed.
  • patch 25 February 2009 (Update):
    • The reset time for collecting pineapples and seaweed from Arhein will no longer slowly creep forward.