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Argento was a silver spirit tree that once lived on the fringes of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. His death was the result of a powerful spell.

Argento was the first of the spirit trees, planted when the Anima Mundi was very strong, and had existed since the first colonisation of Gielinor. He was a good friend to Guthix, with a great understanding of the Anima Mundi, such that he was one of Guthix's greatest confidants.

To relieve him of the suffering he witnessed during the God Wars, Guthix, upon awakening, opened a channel to Argento and filled his spirit with power. The spark took his memories from him, including the pain and trauma of the God Wars; it also drew his colour from him, leaving him silver, unique among his kind.

Argento was said to be a kind, wise tree, who was always willing to speak with the gnomes that lived in the Gnome Stronghold. He was a particularly good friend of Hazelmere, a former advisor of King Healthorg. They spent many hours talking to each other during the king's reign.

One day, Hazelmere felt a great sadness, as if the Anima Mundi itself was crying out in pain. Hazelmere then suspected that Argento had died, but upon going to see him, found Argento seemingly alive and well, but refusing to talk to Hazelmere. Hazelmere, wondering what had happened to his old friend, went to a fellow advisor, Oaknock, for advice. Oaknock theorised that an illusion had been cast on Argento, and immediately suspected the King's third advisor, Glouphrie, the only person known to be powerful enough to cast such a spell.

Oaknock then constructed an anti-illusion machine, and brought King Healthorg and Glouphrie to Argento's body. Upon turning the machine on, Argento's death was revealed, with Oaknock saying that it must have been Glouphrie. King Healthorg became furious with Glouphrie, asking when it is ever right for someone to lie to their king. Glouphrie's reply that it's sometimes okay infuriates Healthorg even further and he dismisses Glouphrie on the spot, banishing him from the stronghold.

Today, all that remains of Argento is a charred silver stump on the south side of the stronghold, near Brimstail's cave. After While Guthix Sleeps, a statue of Hazelmere is placed near Argento's remains.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the gnome graphical update and when it was alive, Argento looked a lot like Incomitatus, the Spirit tree in the canyons east of Poison Waste.
  • The name "Argento" comes from the Latin word argentum, meaning "silver". When inflected, argentum can become argento.