Arcspore zygomite

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Arcspore zygomite detail.png

Arcspore zygomite is an animal that can be cared for on the player-owned farm. They can be obtained by breeding gloomshroom zygomites, and can produce daemoncap zygomites as offspring.

Arcspore zygomite
Farming level 81
Pen size Medium
Eats Mushrooms
Produce 2x Zygomite fruit (Always) (6,366)
3x Mycelial webbing (Always) (9,753)
2x Mort myre fungus (Always) (4,428)
Muck N/A
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
8.33 hours (41.65 hours)
Breeding success chance (%) 70%
Growth time
(from stage to stage)
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 16.8 hours 29.4 hours 37.8 hours
Growth check Farming XP
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 8,000 14,000 18,000
Cured disease Farming XP
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 400 700 180
Base sell price in beans
Egg Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 170 850 722 595
Buyer Zoe (zygomite trader) chathead.png: Chat head image of Zoe (zygomite trader)Zoe (zygomite trader)
Last spawn(wrong?) December 03 2020 00:00 UTC ago
Next spawn(wrong?) December 05 2020 00:00 UTC


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