Strategies for Arch-Glacor

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This article is a strategy guide for Arch-Glacor.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the hard mode strategy guide, see here.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other bosses, the Arch-Glacor is a unique fight intended to introduce players to bossing and making use of defensive abilities. The boss comes with six mechanics, but five of these are togglable. By enabling more mechanics, the fight becomes harder, but the rewards will also increase. The boss's health is tied to the mechanics - the more active, the more health the boss has, which caps at 365,000.

Deaths in normal mode fights are considered safe; Azzanadra will teleport the player out if this occurs, which overrides any active signs of life, and hardcore ironmen players will not lose a life. The player may also teleport out themselves if they choose to.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Arch-Glacor has numerous attacks at its disposal. In part due to its massive strength, six of Gielinor's greatest mages have banded together to help repel the powerful creature. In order to enable/disable a mechanic, you must talk with the relevant mage who handles the mechanic. Creeping Ice is always enabled.

  • Auto-attacks: The Arch-Glacor always attacks with magic, but also uses ranged as part of its Flurry mechanic. The magic attack is indicated with it firing an arm backwards, much like a Glacor's attack animation. The ranged attack is only used during the Flurry mechanic and is fired forwards, with green particles.
Creeping Ice
  • Creeping Ice: The Arch-Glacor will create rows of icicles from the east and west of the aqueduct, slowly encroaching towards a randomly selected spot in the middle of the platform. Trios of small icicles will fly through the middle of the platform as a visual indicator for their direction and how far they will go. If the player gets caught in the big icicles, they will be pushed towards the middle and take melee damage in the process. The icicles eventually come to a stop, leaving a strip of eight game squares wide for the player to use. After having been stationary for approximately 9.6 seconds, the icicles shatter. The Creeping Ice mechanic is used before all but the Glacyte Minions mechanic, and separately if no other mechanics have been toggled on.
Glacyte minions
  • Glacyte Minions: The Arch-Glacor will slam both arms in a downward motion, generating four sets of icicles that land near the middle of the arena. Four glacytes will appear from them; two melee and two magic. The magic-using glacytes are always placed ahead of the melee glacytes, who are stuck behind them. They are level 105 with 2,500 health. As long as any of these are alive, the Arch-Glacor is invulerable to damage. After the glacyte dies, they may leave behind an unstable core which can be shattered to reflect 1,249 soft typeless damage onto the Arch-Glacor.
  • Flurry: The Arch-Glacor will prepare a flurry of wild, random and fast-striking attacks, indicated with the message "The Arch-Glacor focuses its attacks." For roughly 15 seconds, it will attack randomly with magic and ranged. Successfully praying against these attacks will block more damage than usual.
Pillars of Ice
  • Pillars of Ice: The Arch-Glacor will perform Creeping Ice to the east (of the compass direction). When the ice reaches about 75% of its destination, the Arch-Glacor will proceed to raise its left arm and conjure a pillar of ice known as Sheer cold. The sheer cold tracks the player, and getting hit by it deals moderate damage and drains the player's prayer by 8% of their maximum amount per hit. Just before the ice shatters, a second sheer cold will appear. The first pillar expires in roughly 20 seconds, upon which the other pillar expires with it. These are classified as NPCs and will appear on the minimap before they do so on-screen.
Frost Cannon
  • Frost Cannon: The Arch-Glacor will perform Creeping Ice, starting either from the east, west or both sides at once. Upon enclosing a specific area, the Arch-Glacor will transform into a cannon and charge up a powerful blast of energy at this location, dealing a single instance of massive magic damage which can instantly kill the player if more mechanics are enabled.
  • Exposed Core: The Arch-Glacor will perform Creeping Ice on both sides. It will tend to stop attacking one attack after this mechanic and face the center of the platform, upon which it will pop its core out onto the exposed area, enclosing the player(s) while subjecting it to an extreme cold. This applies the "Hoary Chill" debuff that increases with every hit from the core. While the core deals very little damage at first, if the player is stuck inside too long, it will begin to increase in damage and kill the player in a few ticks. These hits are dealt as standard magic attacks. The player(s) must break one of two arms to force the boss to reabsorb its core and end the mechanic. The right arm is weak to crush attacks, while the left arm is weak to fire spells. The Arch-Glacor does not attack, but cannot be damaged until the mechanic and its animations end.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Arch-Glacor is a customizable fight in which players can fight the boss with as many mechanics as desired. This affects the boss' health. If the player wishes to enable or disable mechanics, use the five mages outside by either right-clicking or talking to them; Ariane handles the Glacyte Minions, Charos the Frost Cannon, Enakhra the Exposed Core, Akthanakos the Pillars of Ice, and Arianwyn the Flurry mechanic.

The boss itself is mostly weak, even with all five mechanics active as it is meant to introduce the player to bossing and the various mechanics other bosses have. The boss must use all available mechanics before using them again if applicable - in a set of all active mechanics, if minions are the first mechanic used, it cannot be used again until the other four have been used. The boss can use these attacks consecutively, but only for the last mechanic of that set. While uncommon, players should still be prepared for them. A full rotation (all five togglable mechanics enabled) takes around 1 minute and 45 seconds to 2 minutes to fully complete.

Creeping Ice is always the default mechanic and cannot be disabled. This mechanic is very important to take note of since it indicates three of the five togglable mechanics based on distance and direction.

Whenever the Arch-Glacor summons glacytes, immediately stop attacking it and attack the glacytes. AoE abilities of any sort can clear the glacytes instantly, and this is recommended to save time and build up hard mode practice.

During the Flurry attack, the boss will speed up his attacks and swap between all three styles. Player prayer damage reduction is boosted by 15% to help incentivize prayer swapping. Ice will appear on both sides, but only cover a few tiles (less than the exposed core and frost cannon). This mechanic can be immediately identified with a game message stating "The Arch-Glacor focuses its attacks." The primary way of dealing with this mechanic is prayer swapping. When an arm is partially raised towards the platform, this is a ranged attack. When it is raised away from the platform, it is a magic attack. Higher-leveled players can simply Soul Split the damage off, as it is negligible.

During the Frost Cannon attack, the Arch-Glacor will summon ice from both the west and east - however, it can appear either east first, west first or both at the same time. The eastern start-up has a slightly shorter range compared to that of the Pillars of Ice mechanic. As soon as the boss begins cycling, immediately equip a shield and use any sort of defensive ability that mitigates damage, as the resulting hit will deal very high if not fatal damage.

During the Pillars of Ice attack, the Arch-Glacor will summon ice to the east, further than what Frost Cannon would cover. Once the Arch-Glacor raises its arm, move to the uncovered area and look out for the sheer cold - as a visual on the map, a jolt of lightning will appear, while on the minimap, a yellow dot will appear. The latter is far more consistent and easier to notice than the former. When the ice breaks, a second pillar will appear. Try to avoid getting hit by these attacks - if the player cannot attack and move at the same time, simply focus on dodging them until they dissipate.

During the Exposed Core attack, the Arch-Glacor will summon ice on both sides. It is fairly easy to discern this attack as the boss generally stops attacking after one auto-attack and automatically faces dead-center at the same time. Immediately stop attacking the boss and wait for one of the arms to become attackable - focus on that arm and quickly destroy it before the sheer cold from the core becomes too much to handle. Soul Split can be used during the early stages of this mechanic, as it deals negligible damage. If the damage becomes too much, use defensives, although the player should consider their DPS if they can clear this mechanic if that is the case.