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For the parody in Gower Quest, see Apropos (Gower Quest).

Apropos was a female Ilujanka and one of the last five surviving members of her race on Gielinor. Though she originally served Zaros, Apropos, along with Morvannon eventually defected to Zamorak shortly before the downfall of the Empty Lord, acting in the capacity of one of the former's bodyguards.[1]

Despite her change in allegiance, after both Zaros and Zamorak disappeared, Apropos was labelled a traitor by Zamorak's other followers and was hunted thereafter. She was the first of the five to die, eventually being caught and killed by Zamorak's vampyre allies.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Hannibus, "Last riders", RuneScape. "Zamorak approached us...That day he offered us the one thing that the Empty Lord has never delivered, in exchange for two of our number to become his personal bodyguard. We agreed that Morvannon and Apropos would join him."
  2. ^ Hannibus, "Last riders", RuneScape. "Zamorak's allies claimed that Morvannon and Apropos had abandoned Zamorak, and branded them traitors... Apropos died first, hunted down by Zamorak's vampyres once they bled her dry, they tied her to a great stake for all to see."