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Apprentice Clerval is an apprentice mage studying at the Mage Training Arena. He is incompetent, being easily distracted and easily fooled.[1][2] He has difficulty using magic under duress, often casting it on himself by mistake.[3] He has little self-confidence, being rather lonely and often breaking down into tears.[4][5] He is seemingly held in contempt by his peers.[6][7] At one point, Wizard Edvin turned him into a guinea pig for an experiment.[8]

During a period of distraction, he had the idea to build a rune guardian from scratch, hoping it would earn him a bit of respect. However, he wasn't able to approach any of the wizards who had rebuilt the guardians, so he asked a passing adventurer to ask on his behalf. They gained the knowledge and the tools necessary to construct the golem while he unsuccessfully tried to prepare the workshop. The adventurer sorted out the problematic while he tried to carve out a body for the golem, again with little success, forcing the adventurer to help him again. They eventually managed to get a rune guardian working, and he gave the guardian to the adventurer in gratitude, confident he could build another for himself.

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References[edit | edit source]

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