Ape Atoll prison

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Ape Atoll prison location
The inside of the prison.

The Ape Atoll prison is a prison in northern Marim on Ape Atoll. The prison is used to hold non-monkey intruders, such as humans and gnomes. It is guarded by two gorillas, Aberab and Trefaji, who take turns patrolling the prison. If the player is caught on Ape Atoll and gets taken down, they will awaken in the largest cell. In order to escape, they must break the lock on the cell door and slip past the guards. If they are caught outside of their cell, the guards will knock them back and return them to their cell.

Recently, members of the 10th Squad, an elite gnomish fighting unit, were blown off course while en route to Karamja. They landed on Crash Island. Most of the team headed to Ape Atoll in search of potential glider landing sites, but fell afoul of the isolationist simian natives. Three of the squad, Lumo, Bunkdo and Carado, were captured and imprisoned. They were later teleported out of their cells into an ambush against a jungle demon, sent to Ape Atoll by Glough. Following the demon's defeat, the three gnomes returned to their cells for undercover work.