Ape Atoll Teleport

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Ape Atoll Teleport is a teleportation spell which requires level 64 Magic, the standard spellbook, and Freeing King Awowogei in Recipe for Disaster to cast. It requires 2 water runes, 2 fire runes, 2 law runes and a banana to cast, granting 76 experience per cast. It teleports the caster to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Temple of Marimbo on Ape Atoll. Hafuba, the gorilla priest the caster lands next to, ignores humans, giving players time to equip a greegree.

This teleport cannot be put into a tablet.

Cost[edit | edit source]

2Water rune.png2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.png1,300
Combo runes
2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.png2Mud rune.png3,048
2Water rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.png2Lava rune.png2,614
2Water rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.png2Smoke rune.png2,628
2Law rune.png1Banana.png2Steam rune.png2,570
2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.png2Mist rune.png3,146
2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.pngStaff of water.png1,262
2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.pngMud battlestaff.png1,262
2Water rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.pngStaff of fire.png1,118
2Law rune.png1Banana.pngSteam battlestaff.png1,080
2Law rune.png1Banana.pngElemental battlestaff.png1,080
2Water rune.png2Fire rune.png1.8Law rune.png1Banana.pngLaw staff.png1,218.4
2Law rune.png1Banana.pngMystical staff (75).png1,080
2Water rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.pngLava battlestaff.png1,118
2Fire rune.png2Law rune.png1Banana.pngAvernic wand.pngTome of frost.png1,262