Animation changing items

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Animation changing items are objects that change the idle, running, and walk animations when equipped.

Clue Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Evening masquerade mask Heated tea flask Heavy chest Hobby unicorn (black) Hobby unicorn (white)
Evening wear outfit equipped (female).png Heated tea flask equipped.png Heavy chest equipped.png Hobby unicorn (black) equipped.png Hobby unicorn (white) equipped.png

Holiday items[edit | edit source]

Eek Santa sack Snowboard
Eek equipped.png Santa sack equipped.png Snowboard (2016) equipped.png

Katanas[edit | edit source]

Ornate katana Auspicious Katana Golden katana Samurai Katana 'Owari'
Ornate katana equipped.png Auspicious Katana equipped.png Golden katana equipped.png Samurai Katana 'Owari' equipped.png

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

Main article: Marketplace § Other
Golden cane Silver hawk Balancing wand Lucky coin Bad weather umbrella
Golden cane equipped.png Silver hawk equipped.png Balancing wand equipped.png Lucky coin equipped.png Bad weather umbrella equipped.png
Glowbug in a jar Oriental fan Telescope Polly
Glowbug in a jar equipped.png Oriental fan equipped.png Telescope (Treasure Hunter) equipped.png Polly equipped.png

Mounts[edit | edit source]

Terrorbird mount Reindeer-terrorbird mount Bright reindeer-terrorbird mount Lederhosen terrorbird mount Banana boat mount
Terrorbird mount equipped.png Reindeer-terrorbird mount equipped.png Bright reindeer-terrorbird mount equipped.png Lederhosen terrorbird mount equipped.png Banana boat mount equipped.png

Parasols[edit | edit source]

Main article: Parasol
Apple parasol Black parasol Cadavaberry parasol Coconut parasol Dwellberry parasol
Apple parasol equipped.png Black parasol equipped.png Cadavaberry parasol equipped.png Coconut parasol equipped.png Dwellberry parasol equipped.png
Lemon parasol Lime parasol Orange parasol Strawberry parasol Watermelon parasol
Lemon parasol equipped.png Lime parasol equipped.png Orange parasol equipped.png Strawberry parasol equipped.png Watermelon parasol equipped.png
Kahului parasol Hawai'i parasol O'ahu parasol Kauai parasol Maui parasol
Kahului parasol equipped.png Hawai'i parasol equipped.png O'ahu parasol equipped.png Kauai parasol equipped.png Maui parasol equipped.png
Spooky spider parasol Hypnotic parasol Rainbow parasol Blossom parasol Snow parasol
Spooky spider parasol equipped.png Hypnotic parasol equipped.png Rainbow parasol equipped.png Blossom parasol equipped.png Snow parasol equipped.png
Clover parasol Menaphos parasol
Clover parasol equipped.png Menaphos Parasol equipped.png

Plushies[edit | edit source]

Snowverload plushie Mammoth plushie Penguin plushie Pinata plushie Mimic plushie
Snowverload plushie equipped.png Mammoth plushie equipped.png Penguin plushie equipped.png Pinata plushie equipped.png Mimic plushie equipped.png
Terrorbird plushie Yak plushie Tickety plushie Zoltan plushie Chinchompa plushie
Terrorbird plushie equipped.png Yak plushie equipped.png Tickety plushie equipped.png Zoltan plushie equipped.png Chinchompa plushie equipped.png
Brain plushie Pink unicorn plushie Rainbow unicorn plushie Witch's plushie Pegasus plushie
Brain plushie equipped.png Pink unicorn plushie equipped.png Rainbow unicorn plushie equipped.png Witch's plushie equipped.png Pegasus plushie equipped.png
Mollik the cuddly Sir coalington embers plushie
Mollik the cuddly equipped.png Sir coalington embers plushie equipped.png

Other[edit | edit source]

Falconer's glove Barrelchest anchor Toy kite Swag Bag Swagger Stick
Falconer's glove equipped.png Barrelchest anchor equipped.png Toy kite equipped.png Swag Bag equipped.png Swagger Stick equipped.png
Lost sword of King Raddallin Pogo stick Handheld masquerade mask Bunch of flowers Treasure Map
Lost sword of King Raddallin equipped.png Pogo stick equipped.png Handheld masquerade mask equipped (male).png Bunch of flowers equipped.png Treasure map equipped.png
Bubble blower Stack of presents Dizzy stick Robin Edgar
Bubble blower equipped.png Stack of presents equipped.png Dizzy stick equipped.gif Robin equipped.png Edgar (Count Yakula's Yak Track) equipped.png