Animal Cruelty

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Animal Cruelty is an achievement that requires the player to have Beastmaster Durzag kill both Tuz and Krar while fighting him during the Liberation of Mazcab.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are two main methods of letting the pets die to Beastmaster Durzag: Durzag himself or the bombs. Either method can be used, but if one pet dies to any player damage (this includes deflect damage and poison), then the achievement does not unlock.

Each pet tank should keep both pets near 100,000 health, by which time the rest of the team should be attacking Beastmaster Durzag. When Durzag is at 750,000 health, it is then necessary to kill the pets. The base tank can lure Durzag towards the pets and hope that its AoE attack can kill the pets, or a much safer method can be to stall the fight until bombs are spawned.

Every player should stand near Tuz and Krar so that when bombs are released, they are next to the pets. The 2,000 magic damage from a bomb is unavoidable, so just before they detonate, players should Surge/Escape away to avoid the damage.

It may be helpful for pet tanks to be on the normal prayer book so that their deflect curses don't kill the pets. Furthermore, not using weapon poison or any deflect item (such as a deathtouched bracelet) would be useful.

If you die and the rest of the team completes the feat, you will still be awarded the feat if you re-enter the arena before the kill is finished.

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