Animal Apogee

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Animal Apogee is a music track that is unlocked during Wolf Whistle or at the summoning obelisk in the Nature Grotto. The song is also featured on Through The Ages Original Soundtrack.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

In terms of mood, Animal Apogee attempts to create an air of relaxation and peacefulness, using a fairly plain tune and a slow beat, partially to be in keeping with Taverley's theme of harmony and closeness to nature.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This soundtrack was also played at RuneFest 2010.
  • Mod Bond and Mod Adam R have remixed this song in 2 versions: Animal Allegory and Animal Rap-o-gee. These songs used to be downloadable from the RuneScape homepage under Community section at Downloads - Audio Assets.
  • The unlock hint found in-game is outdated or wrong as it doesn't mention that it can unlock during Wolf Whistle.