Anima witch

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Concept art of the anima witch.

Anima witch is an exiled Void Knight, powerful mage and estranged wife of Kenton Decarte, commander of Abyssal Knights, an alliance formed between Void and Temple Knights to guard the sealed portal to the Abyss located in the Lumbridge Swamp temple. The witch has broken the seals and discovered the Shattered Worlds, twisted constructs created by anima leaking into the Abyss as a result of teleportation. She siphoned the corrupted anima, increasing her power and reversing her aging process, as well as making Gielinor vulnerable to the attacks of creatures from the Shattered Worlds. When her husband chased her, she blinded him, prompting him to seek help of adventurers to collect anima in order to close the portals and resupply Gielinor's energy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Anima witch was originally planned as an antagonist of the Shattered Worlds, but she has been cut from the final release. She is however still mentioned in introduction to the activity. Her design involved a Void Knight armour covered with hooded poncho and body parts enhanced by Invention elements.