Angel of Death (gravestone)

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The Angel of Death is one of the gravestones available from Blasidar the sculptor in Keldagrim. It is the second longest lasting gravestone, lasting 2:45 minutes, and ties as the most expensive gravestone, at 500,000 coins. The Angel of Death has a quest requirement of The Giant Dwarf.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The plaque on the Angel of Death contains the most text out of all gravestones.
  • "Requiescat in pace" is Latin for "May he/she rest in peace" (more commonly translated as "Rest in peace").
  • The Angel of Death is also shown as part of the brag emote for a Duellist's cap (tier 6).
  • During the Halloween 2011 event, an advertised Angel of Death statue read “Blink and you’ll miss it!”, a reference to the Doctor Who episode “Blink”, where the Weeping Angels could move terrifyingly fast if not being looked at without blinking.
  • Prior to the death rework, this gravestone lasted 12 minutes. The additional time offered, over other gravestones, could potentially save millions of coins worth in items which made this gravestone a very valuable investment for high-level players.